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last update about Gwen ... ofcourse we visited her at the hospital today ... she's in the militairy hospital in utrecht now ... and she's doing fine ...she wants to thank you for all the nice words you put here ...she can read them but its hard to answer them ..... she has pins in her back ..and has to lay flat in bed ...she went out of bed yesterday and today with some help ..... maybe she can go to a revalidation hospital later this week ...it will take a half year to a year to recover completely !!
mom will take good care of her ! :-))
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 29 2008 18:25 GMT jomoud PRO
Pins in her back?
Damage to vertabrae?
Hans tell me more!!!
Jun 29 2008 19:30 GMT Erica44
Ach wat zielig hopelijk is ze gauw thuis,Heel veel sterkte met haar en dat ze er gauw uit mag komen en alles weer bij het oude zal zijn!!!
Jun 29 2008 19:34 GMT garynumber1cleaner
could you message me your address... i will send a card and anything else that you feel might help... thats a long time to be in hospital, my brother was in hospital for nearly one year too.. it does go quickly ..please tell her that is true, but it is nice too read etc... i will send anything i can with your permission ... address ... I am safe, i just know how it is for her via my brother... he is fine now, and very much older (he was 11 at the time)
Jun 29 2008 19:42 GMT hanek
Oh .... how fragile we are ... take a good cary about her ....
Jun 29 2008 19:57 GMT hans55 PRO
gary i will mail you her adress as soon as she is taken to the revalidation !
Jun 29 2008 20:01 GMT garynumber1cleaner
ok hans...
Jun 30 2008 22:41 GMT Londi PRO
Dear Hans and family, my heart goes out to you and I send my warm wishes for a speedy recovery for your dear Gwen. Roger has mentioned this and I share his concern for Gwen and sincerely wish she recovers fully!! Would love to send her a card from Washington too. :+) Take good care!
Jul 01 2008 15:40 GMT martini957
my thoughts &prayers are with your family
Jul 02 2008 17:41 GMT Elise
Could you message me her real name and hospital address hans....send her a card or something! Please

Thanks E