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the next uploads can be very shocking ... we did visited the former concentration camp Dachau ...i was very impressed by it ...a very dark period of all people ..was surprised to see many young people visiting this horrible place too ... would be very good for some people to take a look here too ...and learn from it !!!
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Comments on this photo:

May 26 2011 12:03 GMT Pea2007
I have visited many of these "dark places of history" all over europe and the last one I visited always seems to be darker than the last.
I feel much respect for all the people who died in these places , they died so we could be free today.
On the gate the words ARBEIT MACHT FREI means Work gives you freedom which not true as it meant Death and not freedom.

A heart touching image Hans.
May 26 2011 12:28 GMT Foggydew
a terrible history!
May 26 2011 13:06 GMT Littleollie
Thanks to you Hans, you have bought us more history from your travels to help educate and/or entertain us. History is not always 'pretty' as in this place but we must never turn away and forget what those that have suffered suffered, so we can appreciate what we have today.
May 26 2011 13:08 GMT Annamaria
Memories of a dark period indeed, Hans!
May 26 2011 13:10 GMT geobak
I agree,and I admire the Germans taking responsibility for their grandfather's deeds.
May 26 2011 15:09 GMT martini957
Ditto to Littleollie's comment : ))
May 26 2011 16:47 GMT Papagena
I had visited this sad place when I was 18 years old. I had awful dreams for a long while..........

And I agree completely with the other comments !!
May 26 2011 18:59 GMT elsje323
an impressive story Hans, Let's never forget!!!
May 26 2011 20:50 GMT MargNZ
May the world never forget these lost people .
Jun 06 2011 23:52 GMT megmet PRO
Let us hope the world learned from this.
Jun 07 2011 06:27 GMT hans55 PRO
did we learn ?? .... just look at the news each day !! :-(