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Took this one this morning !! ... haha from a calendar in our office !!
bad weather here this morning ..no spring at all !!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 28 2006 20:47 GMT fotomark
nice color
Feb 28 2006 20:51 GMT Riet
Knapt een mens een beetje van op, van die kleurtjes! ( al komen ze ook van de kalender ;)
Feb 28 2006 20:53 GMT Arnika
wow, very beautiful!
Feb 28 2006 20:54 GMT hans55 PRO
ze weten wel wat ze op een kalender moeten zetten he, is plaatje van maart trouwens !
Feb 28 2006 21:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
It is stunning!
Feb 28 2006 21:51 GMT Minz PRO
Now that's what I call really clever -
a photo that you took tomorrow......
When I wake tomorrow I will check and see if my tulips are that height......lol
Feb 28 2006 21:53 GMT hans55 PRO
haha your right !! ... "tomorrow" !! ... i,ll change it right now !! :-))
Feb 28 2006 22:05 GMT Irma
Valsspeler !!!! :-))))
Feb 28 2006 22:33 GMT Macfudge
Even from a calendar it is still a nice foto!
Feb 28 2006 22:37 GMT ranita
Perfect!!! Congratulations!!! Fantastic photo!!!!!

Feb 28 2006 23:27 GMT BurgGurl PRO
Which windmill is this? I've not gotten to see all of them while travelling in Holland....mostly in Belgium. Will you visit the Keukenhof at all this year? It would be nice to see those beauties again!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I see you've added me to your Friends and I have returned the gesture. Cheers~
Feb 28 2006 23:46 GMT miroslav
nice foto
Mar 01 2006 00:07 GMT pulp
you can dream in your office!

Mar 01 2006 03:13 GMT bojtorjan
Wowww... this photograph is sooo ful of life. Wonderful, colorful capture - amazing!
Mar 01 2006 07:36 GMT fey
Beautiful colours........lovely combo.......Is this real???????????????
Mar 01 2006 07:41 GMT hans55 PRO
yess its real ... but i took it from a calender ..page from this month !! :-))
and we have bad weather here now ... snow and slippery roads this morning !
Mar 01 2006 08:29 GMT moonlily
WOW, excellent shot :)
Mar 01 2006 09:25 GMT Elly
Nog even geduld en dan kunnen we hopelijk dit tafereel in "real life" aanschouwen.
Wel lekker trouwens, dat het nu binnenkort lente wordt. kan me niet vroeg genoeg zijn.
Mar 01 2006 09:41 GMT tata28
wow!!!!!!!!lovely colors!!!
great great shoot!!!

i love it.
Mar 01 2006 10:25 GMT hans55 PRO
sorry burgGurl ... i wont be visting "keukenhof" ... thats a tourist thing ...maybe i will make some spring foto's in that area .. but not there ... i have been there once and thats enough ! :-))
Mar 01 2006 12:15 GMT ahmetturker
wowww very nice. great.
Mar 01 2006 14:59 GMT Olympe1961
What a splendid image.... of your calendar : great idea when the weaver outside is so sad !!!
Mar 01 2006 15:46 GMT julia2503
so Dutch! great
Mar 01 2006 15:49 GMT looby
well its cheerful anyway!
Mar 01 2006 15:55 GMT OutdoorExposure
really great angle shot...beautiful colors and i love the tower:-) great capture
Mar 01 2006 16:00 GMT jeck
really cool...it looks natural
Mar 01 2006 17:26 GMT marijke06
maybe bad weather.....but great to make some pics........
nice flowers here......some weeks ....and then they are coming..:)
Mar 01 2006 18:10 GMT edsmit
mooi gedaan , net echt!!!!
p.s mijn molen was wel echt hoor.................hahaha
Mar 01 2006 19:45 GMT FighterJet
Lovely Holland.
Mar 01 2006 19:52 GMT hans55 PRO
ik denk dat deze molen ook wel echt is hoor, staat op de KLM kalender van deze maand !
Mar 01 2006 20:24 GMT Lisacrobi
Nice this Calendar !!
Mar 02 2006 04:14 GMT BurgGurl PRO
I agree, very tourist-y. Last year my family and I went into Ottowa to see the tulip displays and it was enough to do once, I'd rather return to visit the museums next time. Enjoy yourself whatever you do, there's always lots to do in Amsterdam!
Mar 03 2006 23:18 GMT emilqa
he he he-and i thought so that maybe in Holland is spring already;) hihi
i cant wait spring-in poland is snowing all the time;( and i cant wait to go to Amsterdam on koninginnedag;)and take a ride through tulips fields....;)
Mar 04 2006 07:43 GMT hans55 PRO
no spring yet !! ... your a traveler too ! ... hope you like it here again on our queens birthday ... the best day to spend in Amsterdam !!
Mar 05 2006 19:06 GMT emilqa
im sure that i gonna like it!!!!
i love Holland!!!! I was there-in Amsterdam in 2002 for the first time, and i just fall in love!!!!Its amazing city,Holland is such a beautiful country...I love it, and since that I visit NL every year!
I like this country so much-that i even strated learning dutch;) hihi

greetings and Het beste;) Hoi
Mar 11 2006 14:14 GMT Adamus
Mar 29 2006 03:11 GMT nyceshots
that is an awesome picture! the angle is jut right to have that "im hiding" feeling even by viewers. well done.
Jul 16 2008 10:06 GMT lizzieb
Beutiful photo. Love the angle - I love windmills!!!