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the demolition of the buildings next to our goes on ... now the last one ..the former cafeteria !!
this serie is special for my collegues who are in Montreal now ... so they can see whats going on here !
i hope they wont get homesick by watching it !! :-))
the last flights of our 767 simulator ... the power will go off at the end of the month to make place for a new 737 NG simulator !
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 03 2007 07:25 GMT marijke06
I hope they don't forget the wings :)
Oct 03 2007 07:26 GMT hans55 PRO
this is called "flying without wings" Marijke !! :-))
Oct 03 2007 07:31 GMT marijke06
I even don't want to win a ticket :))
Oct 03 2007 07:49 GMT sini
Interesting capture!:)
Oct 03 2007 08:10 GMT abojovna PRO
Interesting, thank you!

And thank you for comment!
Oct 03 2007 12:56 GMT yvon
zo zie je nog eens wat !Great work
Oct 03 2007 13:31 GMT Pietje
Wat is dat apparaat groot Hans mooie foto trouwens........
Oct 03 2007 13:44 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
You are about ready to fly away?? and I am about ready to head north to the snowy country
Have a great trip, will be waiting to see all about it
Oct 03 2007 15:42 GMT Squirrel PRO
A fantastic bridge to reality.................excellent photo
Oct 03 2007 16:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
Forget a balloon, you can take me for a ride in your spaceship :-))))))
Oct 03 2007 17:32 GMT AlisonBelinda
Have you 'driven' one?
Oct 03 2007 18:05 GMT Tom33
I hope this will be preserved - perhaps a home for retired aliens
Oct 03 2007 18:38 GMT Lensvision
Mooi aparaat!
Oct 03 2007 20:33 GMT gwen83
I like my old playground, great foto's of it dad:)))
Oct 03 2007 20:37 GMT Macfudge
Can't you put this in YOUR back yard? You could enjoy it and be the talk of the town! :-)
Oct 03 2007 20:37 GMT Snappa
Another good shot Hans. Keep it up...
Oct 04 2007 02:18 GMT fotoate
Hans, thank you
Oct 04 2007 02:36 GMT Studio88
Looks Like Giant Simulator Monster!!! LOL
Great Series, Hans!!!
Oct 04 2007 08:27 GMT deefer PRO
Excellent detailed capture.
Oct 04 2007 11:53 GMT Kaska
they look like some kind of SF machines...
nice Hans!
Oct 04 2007 14:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Great documentary series, Hans! :))
Oct 04 2007 14:59 GMT LisaSam67
what a trip - that looks neat
Oct 04 2007 14:59 GMT fourdeadpresidents

Can I try???
Oct 04 2007 15:01 GMT LisaSam67
awww gwen..... that statement really hits home for me..... i grew up in my parents hardware store and i sometimes go there now but it's new owners and it's so different.... it just doesn't feel like home anymore you know.... i used to nap in the front display window LOL...... BUT I think i would have liked your playground a LOT better! hahahahahah
Oct 04 2007 15:01 GMT hans55 PRO
no problem 4DP ... come over and i,ll let you in !! :-))
Oct 04 2007 19:06 GMT megmet PRO
I would love to try one of these!
Oct 04 2007 19:23 GMT LizSA
we have never been in a 767... but we did fly in a 757.....
this is sad.... what will happen to this one.......
Oct 04 2007 19:45 GMT hans55 PRO
its sold to another simulator company LizSa ... so she gets a good life not far from here !!
and at this place we place a new 737 New Generation simulator ! :-)
Oct 04 2007 19:53 GMT Elise
Great shot hans...I hope you wont miss this baby:))
Oct 04 2007 19:59 GMT elisehutchi
I love this shot hans!
Oct 04 2007 20:40 GMT jenylew
I am glad that I read your caption.
I thought perhaps this was Gwen's suitcase, ready for your trip next week ;-)))))))))))

Have a great weekend, and we will look forward to your Nevada and California shots!
Oct 05 2007 08:24 GMT LizSA
Jenylew... Oh my gosh... Gwen's suitcase.... hahahahahaha... sweet Gwen.. !!
Oct 05 2007 12:42 GMT pp11364
Well taken conposition.
Oct 06 2007 08:01 GMT B0B
Thats the reason why we where in Motreal for the maintenance course and acceptance of the new 737-800 NG