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last years walk ... on our way back home with the train ... me and 3 of the 4 friends i walked with ! ... great friends ... looking forward to the walk of this year in june !!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 07 2006 17:46 GMT Olympe1961
Thank you for sharing this image with us : are you the man on the left ? And welcome back home : you seem to have had a very happy journey !
Apr 07 2006 17:57 GMT Foggydew
lovely group shot!!
Apr 07 2006 18:08 GMT hans55 PRO
i'am the one with the yellow jacked ... much much younger and better looking than the man at the right ... my good friend Rolf !
Apr 07 2006 18:11 GMT Arnika
Spannend, ben benieuwd naar de foto's van je volgende wandeling!
Apr 07 2006 18:13 GMT Elly
Lijkt me fijn, om met een groepje aan de wandel te gaan.
Apr 07 2006 18:13 GMT Vibeka
I hope you guys had a great trip! Thanks for your comments - I highly recommend Yellowstone!
Apr 07 2006 18:17 GMT ahmetturker
For shot, nice place.!!!!
Apr 07 2006 18:21 GMT fey
........A group photo....after a long walk..........

Love it ..........and good luck with this years walk too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 07 2006 19:08 GMT puppra
Expressing kindness and a friendly attitude... Enjoyable!
Apr 07 2006 20:49 GMT fotomark
hello hans
Apr 07 2006 21:10 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so do you do a mix of hiking and public transportation? where do you go to?
Apr 07 2006 21:17 GMT marijke06
klinkt goed Hans!!!
Apr 07 2006 21:41 GMT hans55 PRO
well you have to use public transport to get to a start point ... this year we gonna fly to Vigo Spain and start our hike from there ... to Santiago ... thats 3000 km's from here ... would need more vacation to walk the whole distance !! :-))
Apr 07 2006 21:44 GMT Snappa
Well, you all look disgustingly healthy!
Apr 07 2006 22:06 GMT AllanOlsson
A very nice serie you let us take part in. Sounds like the trip was both interesting, funny and hard-working.
We also hope the old and ugly Rolf has the energy to accompany in next trip too! (Just kidding!) :-))
Apr 07 2006 22:36 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Where do you walk to and from!! Bet it is a good hike!??

Great group you have!!
Apr 07 2006 23:05 GMT Marta
Looking at your photo's I would say you had some fun.
Apr 08 2006 03:30 GMT hallo
Cheerful group
Apr 08 2006 05:36 GMT hbla PRO
what a great photo! and what a young whipper-snapper that hans is :)

Apr 08 2006 10:02 GMT Justagirl
Yeah ... hans is the good looking one. ;) Great shot hans!!
Apr 08 2006 11:11 GMT Olympe1961
Ah ah ah !! Ok : He would be very happy to read what you have written, but I suppose You have soon told him !!!! ah ah ah :) Nice to "meet" you Hans !
Apr 08 2006 14:02 GMT hans55 PRO
well thank you all for the nice comments ... i would say the woman at the right is the good looking one here !
The "old" Rolf is not gooing with us this year ... he wants to ride a bycicle from Italy back to Holland !!
Apr 08 2006 16:09 GMT Lisacrobi
Nice pic !
Apr 08 2006 20:00 GMT Riet
Tired but very satisfied! You look great, Hans! Keep on walking as long as you can; it's good for your health...
Apr 09 2006 07:16 GMT DGM
Great series!!!
Apr 09 2006 07:21 GMT Ini
Goedemorgen Hans,

Dit is zeker een leuke foto,van jou en je vrienden ziet er gezellig uit in elk geval :-)

Een fijne Zondag Hans.
Apr 09 2006 07:34 GMT hans55 PRO
bedankt Ini ... ben "fijn" aan het werk, maar standby dus zo eens even kijken of ik nog wat foto's kan vinden !