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gwen para jumping


We returned home earlier as planned from our vacation in Austria becouse of gwens accident ...we went to the hospital today ...she ha surgery on her right foot and some metal plates in her back ...but shes doing fine now ...but it sure will take more than half year to recover from it ... here a picture she send ...taken just before a jump last sunday !!
she cant upload ...but can read your comments !!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 28 2008 15:58 GMT 23r0
That's one of the scariest--and most fun--things I ever did: jump from a plane. Hope your recovery is speedy!
Jun 28 2008 16:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
how exciting about the jump - sorry to hear about her accident
Jun 28 2008 16:49 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Wow, she's so young. I remember when I was in a similar position, waiting for the green light to go!!! Gwen, I hope you recover quickly---and how high were you in this picture, looks about like 3000 feet to me.
Jun 28 2008 17:10 GMT annieann PRO
i would never in my life get up the nerve to do this .. i do so admire anyone else who does .... wonderful shot my friend
Jun 28 2008 17:14 GMT garynumber1cleaner
well done gwen... you did it.. proud of you, just bad luck...you will be ok
Jun 28 2008 17:53 GMT Midworlder PRO
Kia kaha Gwen, wishing you all the best for your recovery. You are fortunate to have such great parents around to help and support you. Don't rush things, take all the time you need for your body to repair itself, you only have one of them !
Jun 28 2008 18:15 GMT Lensvision
Heel veel beterschap Gwen.
Jun 28 2008 18:50 GMT gwen83
it was 2000 feet wildspirit..........
Jun 28 2008 18:58 GMT lynnj04
Gwen you are very brave to jump out of planes, i hope you have a speedy recovery and everything turns out alright for you :-))
Jun 28 2008 19:39 GMT LizSA
""Sterkte liewe maatjie...."" Heel veel beterschap Gwen... !!!
Jun 28 2008 19:40 GMT LizSA
oh and Listen to Midworlder... he is right... you only have one body... so let it
repair good and well.... do not take chances....!!!
Jun 28 2008 20:22 GMT yvon
wat een pech!!! beterschap hoor.
Jun 28 2008 20:50 GMT Foggydew
very sorry to hear this - very best wishes for a good recovery!
Jun 28 2008 21:54 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Nice shot of Gwen. How is she doing?
Jun 28 2008 22:05 GMT karlbark
Im very sorry to hear about this accident!
My best wishes for a speedy recovery :-)
-Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jun 29 2008 11:35 GMT sini
Heel veel sterkte en beterschap Gwen!:)
Jun 29 2008 16:55 GMT Carlimauda
Gwen....veel beterschap!
Jun 29 2008 18:20 GMT ldhill62
wishing gwen well and a speedy recovery x
Jun 29 2008 18:56 GMT damansara71
Wowww 2000feet!!! semi static? Recover quickly my friend! Physiotheraphy is not pleasant but very important!!!
Jun 29 2008 19:18 GMT marijke06
that's so bad ...i hope she will recover as the old gwen!!
Jun 30 2008 16:26 GMT Tom33
It looks so easy - and then fate takes over.
Jun 30 2008 17:10 GMT YesHello
sorry to hear what happened, god was on your side!!!