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more nice pictures from Skeiding Guest Farm ...great views from there !!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 22 2011 09:22 GMT ujbanyiv
Wonderful Landscape Photo.
Dec 22 2011 11:37 GMT hallo
I like those trees!
Dec 22 2011 11:53 GMT hans55 PRO
eucaliptus trees ...you find them all over the world where its warm enough !! :-)
Dec 22 2011 13:35 GMT Studio88
Eucalyptus is Excellent for Healing and Keeping Mosquito's Away ;-)
Dec 22 2011 14:00 GMT clintonfolks
Dec 22 2011 14:25 GMT LizSA
Eucalyptus .. is not a true SA tree.... it need lots of water... our country is very dry... but these trees do well here....... like you said. Hans...you find them where it is warm enough..... !!!
but it is true... they make a awesome picture...
Dec 22 2011 15:10 GMT hans55 PRO
I have seen eucalyptus trees all over the world Liz ... in Australia and in Spain !
Dec 22 2011 15:35 GMT sider
In Thai, eucalyptus for piling and paper. Really nice shot, Hans. ';))
Dec 22 2011 15:43 GMT LizSA
at least they use it in Thai... Sider... they grow very large these trees... !!!
Dec 22 2011 15:54 GMT sider
Yep Lizsa. I'm agree. Or may be extracted eucalyptus oil, too.
Thank you Lizsa. ';))
Dec 22 2011 16:06 GMT peterpinhole
Agree with Hallo!
Dec 22 2011 16:41 GMT hallo
Yes Hans...that's why I like them...I have three in my garden :))
Dec 22 2011 17:19 GMT Lie
You see at the trees from witch side the wind comes...most of the time...great view !
Dec 22 2011 19:08 GMT hanek
We can see how the wind gave the shape of trees ...
Dec 22 2011 20:54 GMT Bellavista
I love the scent of eucalyptus trees. Nice view!
Dec 24 2011 07:06 GMT legs4daze PRO
there are eucalyptus trees in the San Francisco Bay Area; i always think of their beautiful aroma... interesting to know they are all over our world...
Dec 24 2011 10:38 GMT hans55 PRO
It sure are nice smelling trees Stephanie ... i have seen them all over the world ...on warm and dry places ... but they told me the timber is terrible ... only good for paper !!
makes me wonder where that tree original comes from !