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Too much twist on twistfriday......my dinner was also twisted :)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 09 2012 17:39 GMT sini
Nice twisted dinner!:)
Mar 09 2012 17:43 GMT happysnaper
Looks good mmmmmmmm.
Mar 09 2012 17:54 GMT Annamaria
Bon appetit!! ;-)
Mar 09 2012 17:58 GMT senna3
Great, but I hope it was all you had for dinner!
Mar 09 2012 18:42 GMT bandsix
It looks very nice...my sort of food:)
Mar 09 2012 20:50 GMT Pea2007
Looks great.
Mar 09 2012 23:06 GMT junne PRO
good thing your mind is not twisted ! :-)))
Mar 10 2012 00:01 GMT martini957
Looks mighty good to me...a great entry
Mar 10 2012 04:47 GMT Studio88
Delicious Twisted Entry ;-)
Mar 10 2012 10:20 GMT wijnie58
It sure looks delicious.....Great entry Samir..:-))
Mar 10 2012 17:44 GMT eliaskhalil
Nice twisters, delicious as well, since i was invited to dinner at Samir's house and twisted plate was served but with mushroom sauce and delicious pork cutlets.
Mar 10 2012 19:48 GMT lilianwilton

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Mar 10 2012 20:01 GMT marijke06
that's the consequence of funfriday :)
Mar 10 2012 22:15 GMT fhelsing PRO
a delicious entry!
Mar 11 2012 05:28 GMT MargNZ
mmm looks very nice . Super colours too :)
Mar 11 2012 06:29 GMT legs4daze PRO
even the fibers on the placemat/tablecloth are twisted; yummy pasta, hope you had a nice glass of wine to keep everything "straight" for you ;o)
Mar 11 2012 17:05 GMT pauli3522
delicious..one for me please
Mar 11 2012 22:03 GMT Milibuh
Yummy and twisted...
Mar 13 2012 11:24 GMT wop
looks delicious!
wonderful combined colours!
Mar 16 2012 09:10 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful colors!