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Continued strong wind and heavy rain knocked the tree down, fortunately the beautiful Christmas plant remained unharmed..
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2013 09:02 GMT Foggydew
Such a shame but the garden still looks lovely!
Jan 08 2013 11:11 GMT 25barb
So sorry about the damage and the loss of the tree. So happy for you that you did not loose some of your lovely garden plants. Can see what the storm did.
The best part is that you were not harmed...
Be careful and be safe...
Jan 08 2013 11:23 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Sorry about your tree.
Jan 08 2013 11:57 GMT Riet
That must have been a very strong wind!!! I agree with barb........the best best part is that you are not harmed!
Your garden is lovely:-) You will enjoy it when spring has arrived :-)
Jan 08 2013 13:43 GMT elsje323
so sorry about your tree, hope you have not so much damage
Jan 08 2013 14:38 GMT wijnie58
I agree with everyone Samir...I hope you are well...:-))
Jan 08 2013 15:28 GMT mellie
The garden is still looking good, Samir. Hope it is over!
Jan 08 2013 16:23 GMT martini957
Wow...amazing about the Christmas plant....happy to see not much damage from storm here
Jan 08 2013 21:19 GMT junne PRO
nature's pruning. you could help by making sure that the tree is not too dense to give much resistance to the wind.
Jan 09 2013 00:37 GMT potterjo
Looks bad now but with some work it will be a wonderful place again. I hate loosing trees, so many here. were damaged in an ice storm in 2009
Jan 09 2013 01:26 GMT fhelsing PRO
That poor tree ... I'm sorry
Jan 09 2013 05:20 GMT Annamaria
Thats a pity!!
Jan 09 2013 08:01 GMT senna3
So it did happen, a pity indeed. Now comes the problem of getting rid of it!
Jan 09 2013 08:16 GMT mamontof
Perfect ballanced garden , i loved