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His Masters Voice :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2012 16:01 GMT Papagena
I loved it a lot !! A great choice of camera material too !!
Aug 31 2012 16:13 GMT 25barb
A great collection of great old 'stuff' very colorful and very interesting
See so many interesting things on full screen
Very well done.
Aug 31 2012 16:28 GMT bandsix
Did you manage not to buy anything Samir?
Aug 31 2012 16:39 GMT hallo
I didn't buy anything Barbara, but it was nice to see the manual record player. I had similar one in green when I was a boy :-)
Aug 31 2012 19:24 GMT sini
Nice things!:)
Aug 31 2012 21:16 GMT MargNZ
Great memories here Hallo :))
Aug 31 2012 22:21 GMT Myshots
Lots of interesting items...looks like a great flea market...
Sep 01 2012 03:14 GMT fhelsing PRO
a fun place for browsing!
Sep 01 2012 06:54 GMT Annamaria
I bet there were some interestings there...;-) Nice shot Samir!
Sep 01 2012 08:21 GMT senna3
It awakes nostalgic feelings!
Sep 02 2012 02:42 GMT potterjo
Looks like a fun place, my first record player was green too.
Sep 03 2012 07:23 GMT wijnie58
Indeed beautiful memories, Samir..:-))
Sep 04 2012 09:45 GMT marijke06
pink floyd lenses .:)...so much stuff!
Sep 05 2012 04:20 GMT junne PRO
great reminder of how the times have changed. today you can have thousands of songs on a little flash memory stick or a chip that is smaller than your fingernail, and in the old days there was one song on a huge platter that would break if it fell down.
Sep 05 2012 06:27 GMT hallo
Junne not forgetting you had to rewind the spring after each platter or two :)
Sep 09 2012 11:04 GMT Riet
Wonderful memory!
And now I can listen to music on my computer!