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getting little warmer ;-)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 06 2012 08:29 GMT daveb
Ever tried putting it on full speed and chucking empty beer cans at it - Don't - it's lethal!
Mar 06 2012 09:56 GMT MargNZ
Cool photo :))
Mar 06 2012 12:09 GMT Papagena
Warmth not remaining yet in my region, snow again announced this night... ;°(
Mar 06 2012 12:29 GMT senna3
That means you need again the fan to compensate the high temperature?!
Mar 06 2012 12:44 GMT hallo
Not so soon Peter, but you never know it's unpredictable sometimes :)
Mar 06 2012 15:55 GMT wijnie58
Great picture...:-))
Mar 06 2012 18:18 GMT bandsix
You need to keep it moving gently just to make sure it's there when you need it:)
Mar 06 2012 19:53 GMT fhelsing PRO
a useful thing to have!
Mar 06 2012 21:52 GMT eliaskhalil
I know that this fan is silver in color, but it seems you threw a little bit of greenish light on it. Nice capture and reflection of light. By the way I don't like fans in motion, this one is still and that is better not to get sore neck or back.
Mar 07 2012 04:35 GMT Studio88
Our Air-Conditioning is ON most of the time here in Florida ;-)
Nice Fan Shot....
Mar 07 2012 12:43 GMT happysnaper
Great shot.
Mar 09 2012 03:24 GMT legs4daze PRO
from snow to the fan, fast weather change! this is a great photograph, it has a 30's tone to it, almost Art Deco in style. greetings from Oregon 'o)
Apr 14 2012 14:21 GMT gloccy
a nice graphic image with good composition.