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In two days it's Valentine, guess what's inside :)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2013 14:26 GMT mellie
That is a very pretty box. Hmmmm... Could be jewelry or chocolates?
Feb 12 2013 14:52 GMT 25barb
A lovely box and sure that there is something lovely in that box..
Make the day special....as I am sure you do every day.
Special post,,
Feb 12 2013 14:53 GMT hanek
I'm afraid You have not a way of escape ... you need to unpack this gift .... otherwise, curiosity will not let you sleep ;-))
Feb 12 2013 14:54 GMT bandsix
It's a beautiful package....my guess is soap/body oil or something like that:))
Feb 12 2013 15:15 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like a nice box to me ... can you wait ?? :-)
Feb 12 2013 15:52 GMT wijnie58
Thats a lovely red box....I think you give a jewelry....with red roses...:-))
Feb 12 2013 16:42 GMT hallo
I think Barbara is close...can't wait to open it :))
Feb 12 2013 19:23 GMT elsje323
I think chocolate
Feb 12 2013 22:02 GMT junne PRO
very elegant looking box, well photographed
Feb 13 2013 00:54 GMT potterjo
Lovely, chocolates maybe?
Feb 13 2013 05:26 GMT fhelsing PRO
too lovely to open ...... almost!
Feb 13 2013 09:42 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Whatever it is, it's beautifully wrapped. I hope you'll show us when you've opened it!
Feb 13 2013 18:31 GMT senna3
I viewed your pictures in the wrong order!