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New Year's lunch "Mansaf" traditional Jordanian dish!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 01 2012 15:59 GMT kosmos PRO
Happy New Year to you as well :)
Jan 01 2012 17:05 GMT wijnie58
Happy New Year Its look very nice food...!!
Jan 01 2012 17:06 GMT eliaskhalil
You should have explained the way this dish is eaten, anyway forget about it!!!
Jan 01 2012 17:39 GMT Bellavista
Looks tasty! Happy new year!
Jan 01 2012 17:43 GMT Dorado
Happy New Year, 2012, to you too. ¡/¡/¡/¡
Jan 01 2012 18:16 GMT bandsix
So go on then, hallo, you have to explain how this dish is eaten now!!!
Jan 01 2012 18:58 GMT hamrahi
Happy new year.........
Jan 01 2012 19:04 GMT hallo
Barbara you are British...must have seen Lawrence of Arabia :-)
Jan 01 2012 19:11 GMT junne PRO
you don't have to be british to have seen that movie, its world famous :-)))
Jan 01 2012 20:23 GMT Papagena
My best wishes too !! May 2012 bring you a lot of wonderful experiences accompanied with a great health !!
Jan 02 2012 11:31 GMT eliaskhalil
Bandsix, i sure will be in trouble with Hallo now when everybody is insisting to know how this dish is eaten!!

How one eats mansaf is as important as how it tastes. Several overlapping sheets of a thin fine wheat flour flatbread, the size of a small pizza, called marqūq, are laid directly on the table or a large communal platter and are covered with the meat and rice. Another bread can be use, called shrak, a whole-wheat flatbread baked on a domed griddle over an open fire. It is very thin, as is marqūq bread. Everyone eats with his hands in a ritualized manner with a high degree of etiquette. Hands are first thoroughly washed and the right sleeve rolled up. Guests sit or stand around the table sideways, with their right side tilted slightly toward the food and eat only with the first three fingers and thumb of the right hand. Each person stakes out a small area of the mansaf that is in front of him and moistens it with the bowl of jamīd that is passed around. Grace is given, al-hamdu lillāh (Thanks be to God), and the eating begins.

One eats in one of two ways. Small amounts of rice and meat are picked up, compacted slightly, and brought up to the mouth. No food should fall from the hand or the mouth as you eat, nor should your fingers touch your mouth; the food is flipped into the mouth from about an inch away. In another method diners form a ball of rice in the palms of their hands, constantly flipping the ball in the air because it is quite hot. Then, for those who are and talented, the rice ball is flipped, sometimes from a foot away, into the mouth. In some situations the host will form the rice ball in his own hand for the guest of honor.

Good appetite! If any questions please contact Hallo!!!

Jan 06 2012 12:44 GMT StavrosMoforis
it looks sooooo yummy!!!
I'm off to the kitchen, LOL ;)))