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Moon eclipse in process!!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 10 2011 16:09 GMT saffi9
great shot were not going to see it in england
Dec 10 2011 16:22 GMT julie13
Good capture
Dec 10 2011 16:33 GMT sini
Nice capture!:)
Dec 10 2011 17:55 GMT bandsix
A great shot....they said on the BBC news at 9 this morning we would need to be in Shetland to see anything of this.....no chance of that!!
Dec 10 2011 18:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great shot - we didn't get to see the eclipse here unfortunately - you have captured it well!
Dec 10 2011 19:29 GMT Annamaria
Great catch! I heard about it on the radio... couldn't see... I was at work...;-(
Thank for sharing....;-)
Dec 10 2011 19:30 GMT abojovna PRO
Very nice photo, I saw photo with red aura around Luna by Poulet from Bangkok !
Dec 10 2011 21:32 GMT hans55 PRO
very good captured !!
Dec 10 2011 22:29 GMT wijnie58
Great catch ...I like this...:-))
Dec 10 2011 22:52 GMT junne PRO
well done !
Dec 11 2011 05:44 GMT eliaskhalil
Smashing shot. You were lucky as well that it wasnt cloudy in Amman that night. the angle and direction of the eclipse differs in your shot and Littleollie's shot, one is taken in Jordan and the other in Australia.
Dec 11 2011 05:51 GMT hallo
That's the beauty of Fotohting elias...you see the planet from different angles and thanks for drawing my attention to the eclipse, I would have missed it without you showing up :)
Dec 11 2011 23:06 GMT eliaskhalil
Dec 12 2011 01:04 GMT potterjo
Yeah! you got it...I just was able to see it briefly before the fog hid it.
Dec 12 2011 19:42 GMT senna3
Unique shot!
Dec 12 2011 21:50 GMT marijke06
great moment!
Dec 22 2011 22:59 GMT legs4daze PRO
i almost missed this photograph... i am happy to see such a lovely capture, you are very talented ;o)