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Pomegranate season sold on the main road :)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 23 2011 15:10 GMT wijnie58
Great Picture form all the pomegranate.
Sep 23 2011 15:16 GMT sider
Nice color of Pomegranate. I like it but without seeds.. ';))
Sep 23 2011 15:59 GMT swapan
Tempting one....
Sep 23 2011 16:46 GMT Annamaria
Looking good....hmmmm
Sep 23 2011 17:04 GMT senna3
This image tells a whole story!
Sep 23 2011 17:12 GMT boonki
soulful and well composed.
Sep 23 2011 17:30 GMT bandsix
Pomegranate is lovely, and brings back happy memories of childhood, when my late Mum and I used to share one and pick the seeds out with a pin! Lovely image :)
Sep 24 2011 06:43 GMT eliaskhalil
Neat display of the pomegranate-good marketing-, they are separated by color of skin, red and yellow, now which is the ripe ones and which are the raw??
I like the hills in the background.
Sep 24 2011 11:34 GMT junne PRO
quiet eyecatching
Sep 24 2011 18:37 GMT sini
Great scene!:)
Sep 24 2011 21:21 GMT megmet PRO
Nice to see them being sold....here in southern Spain they mostly just let them fall from the tree and rot.
Sep 25 2011 16:30 GMT peterpinhole
Great view and interesting roadside display.