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Now the snow is coming towards you...enjoy, specially the cleaning afterwards :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2013 14:42 GMT 25barb
Exquisite ...so lovely. Wonderful scene. Hope it did not kill your plants and flowers
Great composition and presentation.
Jan 17 2013 14:44 GMT junne PRO
you must have moved to the north pole
Jan 17 2013 16:19 GMT superJoan
Just like over here in Nottingham
Jan 17 2013 17:26 GMT Papagena
In our area snow is falling and melting, falling and melting.......... ;o))
Jan 17 2013 18:07 GMT elsje323
beautiful wintergarden, at the moment no snow where I live
Jan 17 2013 18:16 GMT hallo
It did barb...it did, our plants and trees are not used to extreme cold weather. However, this will keep us busy and active in Spring..
Jan 17 2013 18:20 GMT senna3
Samir, we have snow enough, no need for more!~
But, you will agree, it provides us with beautiful photographs!
Jan 17 2013 18:38 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It looks lovely, but I'm sure you'll be glad when it melts!
Jan 17 2013 18:42 GMT mamontof
Careful as it llok so gourges only to branches ...
Jan 17 2013 19:02 GMT jennyzinger
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Jan 17 2013 19:38 GMT Pea2007
A garden in Wintersleep.
Jan 17 2013 21:25 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful winterland, Samir...I agree with Gunter..:-))
Jan 18 2013 00:46 GMT fhelsing PRO
a lovely entry!
Jan 18 2013 02:38 GMT potterjo
That looks like a lot of snow, more than we had this go around. Hope it melts soon. It is very pretty!
Jan 18 2013 06:16 GMT sini
Great snowy wintergarden!:)
Jan 18 2013 12:17 GMT hanek
It looks lovely but is it normal in Jordan ??? in my imagination is a very warm country
Jan 18 2013 13:12 GMT hallo
Well hanek, we always have cold winter and some snow during mid December until end March, but this year it was extraordinary. I hope it will take long before it happens again..
Jan 18 2013 19:24 GMT Annamaria
Its a big mess in my area, Samir, but more snow is expected...;-)
Jan 19 2013 04:10 GMT larrybenedict
Snow on branches makes such pretty pictures. Do you know the name of the tree in the center of this photo? The shape of the leaves made me curious. I have always thought of the climate where you live as warm year-round...perhaps that is not the case!
Jan 19 2013 07:15 GMT MargNZ
Samir your garden is beautiful in winter but I don't envy you all the hard work :)
Jan 19 2013 11:57 GMT hallo
I think it's "American Holly" larry I bought and planted two years ago, very slow growing but did withstand twice the snow.
We have two main seasons Winter and Summer with very short Spring season in between..