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Comments on this photo:

Sep 21 2011 17:37 GMT bandsix
Looks like a mauve morning glory....they're lovely!
Sep 21 2011 18:01 GMT hallo
No bandsix, it's a top view of this strange flower:
Sep 21 2011 18:32 GMT sini
It's lovely!:)
Sep 21 2011 19:00 GMT wijnie58
Its a beauty.
Sep 21 2011 19:06 GMT senna3
Very special flower indeed!
Sep 21 2011 20:51 GMT eliaskhalil
Mauve is an ice cream color, looks like an edible flower!
Sep 22 2011 00:19 GMT fhelsing PRO
That is an amazing flower!
Sep 22 2011 04:54 GMT Annamaria
Sep 22 2011 07:47 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the link to the other photo hallo...that's quite an amazing flower...lovely!!
Sep 22 2011 08:18 GMT bandsix
I think this may be your plant hallo:

Sep 22 2011 08:26 GMT hallo
Indeed it is. last year we had lots of flowers, but this year restricted to this one only which will hopefully give some seeds for next year. Thanks for you help and interest dear bandix:)
Sep 22 2011 17:25 GMT bandsix
It's a pleasure hallo....I do like flowers and plants and I don't like not to know what something is.....my friends call me Sherlock Holmes!

I am sure you also know that all parts of the plant are poisonous.....:)
Sep 22 2011 17:43 GMT hallo
That's so kind of you bandsix/sherlock:) I will always refer to you, when I'm stuck!
You mean we can't make salad from those nice leaves....just a joke :))