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Comments on this photo:

Nov 30 2012 16:40 GMT fotoloekb PRO
A nice picture!
Nov 30 2012 16:42 GMT 25barb
Great smiling face. A vendor with toys and sweets would always have a wonderful job - seeing the happy children getting a treat. The colors are happy and soft.
A least the load does not seem to be too heavy. Nice details and composition.
Nov 30 2012 16:58 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
He must make a lot of sales as he looks so friendly and his toys are very colourful. great shot.
Nov 30 2012 16:58 GMT hallo
Barb yes it's very light weight, the stuff in the bags is spun sugar we call "girls hair" children love it :)
Nov 30 2012 18:40 GMT senna3
A picturesque scene!
In Dutch we call it "suikerspinnen" (sugar spiders).
Nov 30 2012 19:30 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice colors ... i used to like them very much !!
Nov 30 2012 19:58 GMT junne PRO
never seen it packaged ! great idea and shot
Dec 01 2012 04:47 GMT fhelsing PRO
so tempting!
Dec 01 2012 10:14 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic find, Samir...Lovely colours too..:-))
Dec 01 2012 13:09 GMT bandsix
and we call it 'candy floss' and I love it!! Ruinous to the teeth and the figure, but hey!