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Tags tattoo

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My new tattoo, it is not finish yet.
It take 3 ours..............
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 21 2007 19:17 GMT Ruedi PRO
Like you with out tatto more!
Sep 21 2007 19:23 GMT Elise
I don't have anything against tattoo...but I thinks it's so pitty to have it on you beautiful young skin and body........I mean its so permanent, maybe Im too old fashion I dont know.
Sep 21 2007 19:29 GMT Riet
It's a wonderful tattoo, but now we can't see the natural beauty of your wonderful back anymore! :)))
Sep 21 2007 19:30 GMT gwen83
Its oke Elise, not anybody likes it:)))
Sep 21 2007 19:34 GMT gwen83
Ik heb nog steeds de zelfde rug Riet, alleen nu compleeter. Thank you for comment:)))
Sep 21 2007 20:24 GMT LizSA
Oh Gwen..... too late for tears......
the only thing I can say.... you will adjust well in America.....they are great on
tattoos there.... and my little Lourens grandchild... he love tattoos....
but happily the paper ones that wash off eventually.... if you like it Gwen....
then I admire you.... you have to be very brave...... to go through that pain...
another thing.... it is your life....... and it is a ' good ' OK image.........!!!
Sep 21 2007 20:34 GMT hans55 PRO
wow Gwen ...this sure is a large tattoo .... we are impressed !!
Sep 21 2007 20:36 GMT ldhill62
looks great, it'll be so good :))
Sep 21 2007 22:17 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Nice butt!!! or... I mean tattoo. I wasn't looking at her butt Hans... I swear.
Sep 23 2007 16:59 GMT Elisah
Woow !! Dat was denk ik erg pijnlijk hihi, zo groot ! Maar wel ontzettend GAAF ;) !
Sep 23 2007 17:15 GMT matt138 PRO
very awesome!
Sep 24 2007 19:01 GMT ijtsdoesje
Wow, zag deze foto pas later... Heftig hoor...duvel in een doosje???of met, haha
Sep 24 2007 19:53 GMT jenylew

You are beautiful, and the tattoo is really incredible. Yay Hans for being such an understanding and loving Daddy! :-)

Sep 24 2007 20:20 GMT gwen83
Ja zeker, het goede en het kwade:)))
Sep 24 2007 20:21 GMT gwen83
I have the best mom and dad jenylew, an thanks:)))
Sep 24 2007 22:37 GMT faenzu
Beautiful tattoo sweet butt ;-)
Sep 25 2007 02:27 GMT domesticfix PRO
Looking Good !!!!
Sep 25 2007 21:13 GMT deafcon1
Moet ik even aan Toon-je vader kent hem wel-laten zien zeg.VET!
Sep 25 2007 21:14 GMT gwen83
Dank je deafcon1:)))
Sep 26 2007 04:38 GMT hotredhead
this is beautiful!
mine took 2 sessins of 3 hours
but it is so worthwhile to have something like this, forever
Sep 26 2007 04:40 GMT hotredhead
make sure u let us see as soon as u get it finished!
Sep 26 2007 17:00 GMT gwen83
Thank you very much, i go for 3 sessins:))))
Sep 28 2007 22:07 GMT Gunship
Its really cool,, Exellent!!!
Have a look at my tatto machine that I made:::
Nov 18 2007 09:37 GMT robeatza
what i like the most from this tattoo is the straight bottom line....
Nov 18 2007 09:37 GMT gwen83
Thank you for you nice words robeatza.............
Dec 02 2007 14:58 GMT granitbiscut
Damn young lady that's a lot of ink. I have the rough outline of a cross on my whole back that i need to get finished. it needs about another 8 hours of work to finish it. I'll see if i can get Lisa to take a pic of it and i'll post it.
Dec 02 2007 21:20 GMT gwen83
Thank you Jef, i like to see that:)))
Jan 24 2008 14:29 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
It's great.
Aug 13 2008 19:59 GMT bengan
pretty heavy project, huh?? cool tattoo though :)
Mar 03 2009 17:50 GMT PedroBala
nice... now we can see more life and details
Nov 25 2009 05:06 GMT larrybenedict
Wish I could understand the motivation for people to undergo so much pain for something very few people will see. It's a pretty nice tatoo. makes me think of the greek mythology version of Lucifer or Venus in Roman mythology. Goddess of physical beauty.
Aug 12 2013 15:57 GMT Kent0607
Nice...but not so BIG :)
Do you have tattoos on your front to ?

Dec 30 2014 10:31 GMT Esben
I agree with Elise! a little smaller, perhaps! but!! its your bag - so I really hope you never regret it.