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I have been sick for about three weeks. I had a light run down my throat. and another one ran up the rear. Dr. said I was anemc. and order the test because he said I was loosing blood. Well they found out I had bleeding ulcers in my stomach This is the reason I have not comment is a while. Have all my Christian Friends pray for me. I have an infected right leg turning red. I took some .penicillin So far it has not helped. Going back to the doctor and try another antibioctic
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 19 2013 13:44 GMT wijnie58
Hope you get better soon, Glenn...We see this guys on tv...funny family...:-))
Sep 19 2013 14:36 GMT calytexi
Sounds painful. Hope you feel better soon. I LOVE Duck Dynasty!!!! Just watched the new episode on tv last night.
Sep 19 2013 17:46 GMT fhelsing PRO
Best wishes to you ......
Sep 21 2013 06:47 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Many thanks for bothering to comment on my recent pics, even though you've been feeling so bad. I hope you soon start to recover!
Sep 21 2013 14:32 GMT roncarlin PRO
Get well soon. It seem like everybody loves Duck Dynasty.
Sep 24 2013 20:26 GMT pauli3522
i really so so sorry for your health problems..i hope drs give you the right medicine to kill the infection for bacteria and i hope you can feel better with your ulcers in your stomach...maybe they can not give you the medicine to take by your mouth...maybe you will need an stronger antibiotic, and they will give you throught your vain or blood...i hope your doctors can help you.....
Oct 01 2013 21:54 GMT Bellavista
Get well soon!!
Oct 02 2013 02:27 GMT mellie
Hope you will feel better soon!
Oct 02 2013 15:20 GMT annieann PRO
awww!!! glen . please get well soon . i do hope you will keep us all informed on how you are . so sorry if you have had so much pain . my prayers are with you x a bug hug too
Oct 02 2013 19:48 GMT Milibuh
Get well son Glenn, thanks for your comments in my pictures .
My prayers with you !!!!!
Oct 03 2013 07:15 GMT superJoan
Glen hurry and get better.....
Oct 03 2013 22:43 GMT gtc126
Thanks to Everyone!!!!! I am Little Better!!!!
Dec 22 2013 18:18 GMT GeoffReeves
Take care Glen and good luck