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Heading down drag hill.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 19 2008 16:39 GMT LisaSam67
Weeeeeeeeeeee what a hill!
Oct 19 2008 18:48 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Whoa! How fast did you descend? Great shot, btw.
Oct 19 2008 23:41 GMT craftybutterfly
Wow! How high?
Oct 20 2008 01:58 GMT wolf2728
Awesome shot! stunning!!!!!!
Oct 20 2008 02:18 GMT LisaSam67
that spot is about 500 feet and I did it!!!!!
Oct 20 2008 02:19 GMT LisaSam67
he says about 35-40mph on that drop off to the right with his bike ;-)
there's some video of it i'll have to post on flickr and youtube this week
Oct 20 2008 07:49 GMT hans55 PRO
wooooow !!!! :-))
Oct 20 2008 14:18 GMT LisaSam67
Miss this :(
Miss you :(
Oct 21 2008 02:22 GMT dougrun PRO
Holy moly! That is a hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great view form the bike, I hope you stopped for a second :-))
Oct 21 2008 05:31 GMT LisaSam67
I stopped every two inches LOL
he just zipped up and down and along the ridges up there and Weeeeeeeeee haha
Oct 21 2008 22:38 GMT LisaSam67
hey this is your truck! hahahaha
Oct 21 2008 22:54 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO check out these idiots hahaha
knee boarding up drag hill
no brain buckets
Oct 22 2008 02:09 GMT LisaSam67
Halloween pics by Hawkeye

looks like fun hahhahaha

he set up a makeshift studio backdrop
Oct 22 2008 02:10 GMT LisaSam67
Glamis Gone Wild LOL

enjoy ;-)
Oct 22 2008 02:35 GMT LisaSam67
hey.... favor to ask you
can you sign into your flickr
it's the same as your mail sign in... can just push the robo button
this guy has some pics from the 90's in Yosemite and is wondering names places etc
there's not too many....

i told him I'd ask you to peek and see if you know the places.... he's from another country and they are scanned pics from a trip way back when
Oct 22 2008 04:11 GMT garynumber1cleaner
He (or she...lol) who dares ..wins ...
great pic Jeff..... :)
Oct 22 2008 04:41 GMT LisaSam67
LOL! definitely wouldn't be me winning hahahahaha
i looked like a wounded slug going down
one inch BRAKE
two inches BRAKE
one foot PANIC BRAKE hahahahahaha
Oct 22 2008 04:52 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I think you should close your eyes and go for it...not much in the way at the bottom... next time you will open them ...lol
Oct 22 2008 05:31 GMT LisaSam67
ya... Jeff says next time will be a lot easier
i think he's right ;-)
Oct 22 2008 17:29 GMT garynumber1cleaner
So do I :)