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Hi everyone! We finally got the account working with help from FT... so here's a first pic to start it off!

Smokey was a good road dog on the trip from Woodland to the new house in Redding. He was spoiled by Jeff and didn't have to ride in the cat carrier and did really good too!

Jeff's at work right now and I emailed him to tell him his account here was finally working so give him a big welcome for me.... he'll be uploading pics from his BlackBerry from work so we can keep in touch while he's away during the week working.

so.... expect some cool stuff... he works in the mountains for the Hydro Construction division of PG&E and LOVES IT!

there are a couple pics on my cat's page already if you wanna see them... there's 9 of them http://www.fotothing.com/lisasam67ssmokey eventually we'll move them here but for now it's back to packing up the Fortuna house for us!

oh and PS.... this is Lisa from http://www.fotothing.com/lisasam67 and if you haven't figured it out yet we are a couple.... a couple of what tho we haven't figured out yet hahahahahaha.... no... seriously... I love him to pieces and he's so very good for me... he rocks my world!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 16 2007 18:29 GMT LisaSam67
WELCOME lol :-))))
Jul 16 2007 18:36 GMT LisaSam67sSMOKEY
MEOW that's me!
Jul 17 2007 00:36 GMT LisaSam67
SIGN IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha I miss ya babe!!!!!!!!!
Jul 17 2007 01:31 GMT LisaSam67
hi you
Jul 17 2007 02:46 GMT wifey
Welcome to Fotothing!
Jul 17 2007 02:47 GMT LisaSam67
hey babe i'm heading to Kelly's for dinner and then back here to put the kids to bed and get the rest of the sorting done.... gonna be a long long night UGH
Jul 17 2007 03:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
A big Fotothing Welcome Jeff!!!

You have a real winner there - hang onto her! :-))
Jul 17 2007 04:42 GMT gtc126
Welcome to Ft Jeff glad to have you!!!!!!!!
Jul 17 2007 13:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Welcome to Fotothing, Jeff!
Very nice to have you here! :))
Jul 17 2007 15:53 GMT LisaSam67
Good morning to you too sweetheart!
Aug 17 2007 21:20 GMT LisaSam67
Nov 25 2007 19:03 GMT Nina97
Jul 18 2008 03:09 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Last time I took a cat for a ride without a carrier, there was a real mess!!
Jul 18 2008 16:14 GMT granitbiscut
he likes riding just like a good dog.