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Comments on this photo:

Mar 18 2013 05:59 GMT Annamaria
Great welcome! I wonder if there are any tourists around...?
Mar 18 2013 06:04 GMT glacierman
Not many this time of year...they come in summer when it is warmer to see the whales and bears
Mar 18 2013 07:52 GMT Bellavista
wish to see the whales!
Mar 18 2013 07:54 GMT glacierman
the whales will be coming in a couple months and the Eskimos here will be hunting them
Mar 18 2013 22:07 GMT Bellavista
how sad, it is not forbidden to hunt them?
Mar 18 2013 22:27 GMT glacierman
The eskimos here have been hunting them for thousands of years...they kill I think around 23 a year for food.
Mar 19 2013 09:11 GMT Bellavista
do they find sometimes also ambergris in the stomach?
sorry when my questions are silly.
Mar 19 2013 09:39 GMT glacierman
Not a silly question, but aa very good one...I don't know but I am going to find out. The do collect the baleen from them I know.
Mar 20 2013 18:11 GMT Bellavista
Thank you Leslie. What is a baleen? What are those used for?