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my little stray cat sunbathing
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 19 2013 21:02 GMT Donjames
Must be a relative of my cat...
Feb 19 2013 21:36 GMT julie13
The sun was warm this afternoon for a while, looks like this one made the most of it :)
Feb 19 2013 22:09 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Looks like a sweet cat, Ann. Lovely photo.
Feb 19 2013 22:27 GMT wijnie58
Amazing image of your cat..:-))
Feb 20 2013 06:54 GMT daveb
Looks so contented to have found a good home
Feb 20 2013 10:10 GMT bandsix
I just love that sweet little face...it's something to do with the way they crinkle up their eyes at the sides, and that makes them smile:))
Feb 20 2013 14:53 GMT georgygirl2
thanks everyone
Feb 20 2013 14:55 GMT georgygirl2
it doesnt belong to me wijnie its a stray that just visits! my two cats died in the last couple of years
Feb 20 2013 16:24 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Ann, I'm sure you're not letting this lovely little cat starve, but if you are unable to adopt it, you could get in touch with your nearest branch of catsprotection.co.uk to see if they can rehome it.
Feb 20 2013 20:21 GMT Snappa
Are you going to keep her?
Feb 20 2013 22:03 GMT georgygirl2
its a feral cat and doesnt like being indoors, he comes in for a while but then panics a bit and then wants letting out.
Feb 21 2013 08:37 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh, I see. Well, it's good that you're there for him and that he can come in if he wants!
My Mickey was like that for a long time and still hates being locked in (on Guy Fawkes NIght) and is scared of visitors, but after years of perseverance, he's now a happy pet most of the time.
Feb 22 2013 19:15 GMT beady
cute cat image
Feb 23 2013 02:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It's a hard life if you are a cat :-))
Feb 24 2013 22:07 GMT georgygirl2
thanks beady
Feb 24 2013 22:08 GMT georgygirl2
i dont know... some cats live a great life!!
Feb 25 2013 13:37 GMT clintonfolks
Feb 27 2013 18:10 GMT will
Feb 27 2013 18:22 GMT georgygirl2
its a stray that visits me
Feb 27 2013 21:07 GMT will
Feb 27 2013 21:19 GMT georgygirl2
so do i and when he wants to come see me hes welcome
Feb 27 2013 21:27 GMT will
Feb 27 2013 21:30 GMT georgygirl2
he sits on my knee but wont let anyone else anywhere near him, im glad hes timid with strangers
Feb 28 2013 00:31 GMT will