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he said... hold my bag while I strangle you!! what could I do???
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 16 2015 21:49 GMT ForestSpirit
Nice shot - of you at least! I also saw this charming chap when I was in York a few weeks ago!
Apr 17 2015 04:06 GMT martini957
Welllll....you could have used that bag to knock his lights out : ))
Cute shot
Apr 17 2015 10:25 GMT Esben
upppsss ! a very big man / hand - - nice catch
Apr 17 2015 13:49 GMT will
Hope he is fangless...or has opera tickets at least)
Apr 17 2015 17:36 GMT bandsix
Great that you smile whilst you are being strangled....! Were you there for the Goth weekend? always wanted to be there for one of those:))
Apr 17 2015 22:52 GMT will
He's scarier than dracula
Apr 18 2015 06:56 GMT georgygirl2
wheres your pic Sylvia??? lol
Apr 18 2015 06:57 GMT georgygirl2
haha I would be hopeless if got mugged! I would say here you are whilst handing the money over lol
Apr 18 2015 06:58 GMT georgygirl2
big hands compared to mine!
Apr 18 2015 06:59 GMT georgygirl2
haha will !
Apr 18 2015 07:01 GMT georgygirl2
I should have done the amateur dramatics thing! we were sat in the chocolate shop having a hot chocolate when he peered straight in thru the window! I said ooooh look at him and he turned to face me with that eerie face! a priceless moment!
Apr 18 2015 07:02 GMT georgygirl2
oh and it was easter Barbara, never been for goth or Whitby at that time
Apr 18 2015 07:04 GMT georgygirl2
I thought he was eerie will. I would have stayed for the ghost walk if possible (which is what he does!!)
Apr 18 2015 09:48 GMT Papagena
It's great that he did leave you alive for us Ann !!!
20 hours ago gtc126
Ann, Looks like we been transported back to old England!!!!! Hold his bag and run!!!!!!
19 hours ago ForestSpirit
Ann, no pic of him - he didn't take much notice of me (you're obviously more his type!)
but I did have a chat with this funny character: