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Star of India mast, Embarcadero, San diego CA
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 08 2007 20:58 GMT LisaSam67
excellent lines
Apr 09 2007 05:02 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thanks. The way the ropes and everything interacted was just too good to pass up. I loved taking this one.
Apr 09 2007 08:26 GMT LisaSam67
ya no way could I have passed it up either - we seem to have quite a similar eye when it comes to what catches our lense's interest
Apr 09 2007 15:09 GMT gentletouch PRO
I would say it's the difference between taking a photo and taking a snapshot. :) My friend John's photography has improved immensely, because he watches how I take photographs. He's even layed on the ground to get a great perspective of something. He still chuckles when I take 10 photos of a corridor, though.
Apr 09 2007 18:32 GMT LisaSam67
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to upload a shot for you right now! I took 10 of this corridor at the community center!!!!!!!

Mark is laughing at me now grrrr hahhaha

You know it was when pro friends of mine in 2003 looked thru my photo albums and asked me why it was that my B&W shots were art and my color photos were snapshots that got me looking at things differently. She said you know... the image you see with your eye is the same whether or not you are using color or b&w film so why are they different? She and her hubby changed my life that day! And kudos for John - that's the best way to learn - It was funny last week in the Arboretum a friend was here to visit and I noticed her following me around a little... taking similar shots - made me feel kinda good. She's actually my ex hubby's new gf - I've talked them into joining up in here so she can learn from looking at other's shots too like I do.

ok off to upload hahahah
Apr 11 2007 06:28 GMT gentletouch PRO
Now that was some very profound advice your friend gave you. Although I love to shoot B&W photos as well, I think both color and B&W can be art. Even saying that, B&W can show the subtleties that might be missed by color. I'm trying to get away from being a photo snob, and deal. Maybe you could take her to where other's are shooting, too, so she could see how they take their photos, angles, how they hold their cameras, etc.