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I met this man while waiting at the trolley to go home. His son was a soldier in Iraq, and had suffered from an insurgent attack that put him in a coma. This is the last of the series on the convention. I thik it's appropriate to have the last photo be of a gentleman who has a real investment in ending the war. He also told me that a protester had gotten in his face about his being there in support of the Democrats. Out of all the people I met and saw during the entire time, I was most impressed with him. I am very glad I met him.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 30 2007 17:01 GMT damansara71
Thanks! Your series are very interesting!
Apr 30 2007 20:07 GMT mikechile
May 01 2007 00:41 GMT gtc126
Everyone is entitled their opinion!!! I personally don't think a Muslim should even be able to run for President!!!! Or a X Muslim... I think thats what we are fighting in Bagdad!!! If you don;t thinks so ask those 3,000 in the Twin Towers that can no longer voice their opinion.....
May 01 2007 05:13 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thanks, damansara, I appreciate the comment.
May 01 2007 05:14 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thanks, Mike. You are not alone in wishing the war stopped. Thanks you for your opinion.
May 01 2007 05:18 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thank you for your opinion, gtc. The main reason I went is to take a non-political stance at the coinvention. I am deliberately leaving out my own political and religious views because I wanted to present a historical event, which is the California Democratic Convention being held in San Diego for the first time. I am presenting what I saw, rather than commenting in a political flavor. But, I must tell you that the Constitution guarantees that any person born in the United States can be President, even a woman, or a black person, or even a person from a Muslim background. I have not stated my preferences for President or even my religious views for a reason. I wanted to bring what I saw to the world. Nothing more. I do appreciate your comment, I believe yours is as important and mikechile's.
May 01 2007 06:33 GMT damansara71
Good speech Ma'am! HATS OFF FOR YOU!
May 01 2007 15:19 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thank you, damansara. I appreciate that. I posted this photo to remind everyone that war affects everyone, especially family members.
May 01 2007 15:52 GMT damansara71
Damn right you are Ma'am! Keep asking myself how long will this peaceful country of mine is going to last.......
May 01 2007 16:53 GMT gentletouch PRO
I've visited your wonderful country about 35 years ago, and it would be a shame if the fundamentalist Islamists took over. In Afghanistan, the Taliban regime destroyed two beautifil and ancient Buddhist statues, simply because of zealot religious beliefs, even after multiple attempts by many Governments to stop it, or for the regime to allow the other countries to transport them to their countries. Anytime zealots take over a country, war, poverty and crime always increases. I hope Malaysia never goes through that, it is too beautiful a country.
May 02 2007 03:46 GMT damansara71
No way ma'am. Nothing close to that! That's why we felt quite irritated when someone blame "Muslim" Here we all leave in peace and doesn't belief in any form of aggression. Terrorist act on their own and the whole world suffer....
May 02 2007 05:00 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thank you for the response. Terrorists use religion to support their evil actions, but most Muslims I've known are against the type of violence being done by the fanatic factions. It's the same as Al Quaeda (sp?) claiming that all Americans are Christians and evil. I am neither evil nor a Christian, and wish no harm to anyone.
May 02 2007 05:19 GMT damansara71
God Bless Your Soul!
May 02 2007 05:54 GMT gentletouch PRO
Thanks, damansara. I hope for yours as well.