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Tags balance


Assignment 2 Balance
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 13 2009 16:50 GMT tclune
I love this photo. It is so organic. There is something special about water droplets on green leaves. It actually one of my favorite things (like Sound of Music), after a rain storm the water droplets stick to the plants and the trees while the mid-afternoon sun peeks out again illuminating everything in site.

_Tess Clune
Sep 13 2009 22:29 GMT nicopier
the lighting and reflection of this shot is really nice. I agree with tess, really organic.
Sep 16 2009 20:00 GMT ProfessorShuster
The shallow depth of field (the way the background blurs and the foreground is in focus) helps the eye focus on the water droplets, allowing any visual clutter in the background to be muted out. Lovely. Although there is a lot going on in the right side of the frame, because the left side is in focus, a nice sense of balance is achieved.
Sep 20 2009 13:49 GMT HeidiSampson
This is a very pretty nature photo. I love the way plants glisten after the rain. You did a great job capturing that!

Sep 21 2009 11:12 GMT AdiArts2200
Interesting balance photograph. I also like how the raindrops are "balancing" on the leaf :)