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Digital photog self portrait assignment 1

{It was really hard to take the picture without looking through the lens. And my camera has an automatic flash, so I had to hold the flash down with one hand and press the shutter release with the other. I also edited the color and contrast in photoshop.}
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 27 2009 01:45 GMT tclune

Is this your first assignment-self portrait? Itís awesome! I always found that reflections in door knobs were cool and different. It almost has an Alice in Wonderland effect of Alice shrinking after the eat me drink me torts. I also like how you twisted the camera and gave the doorknob a different angle. When I was viewing you picture in smaller form, at first I thought it was a candle holder. When I clicked on your picture to enlarge, I realized that it was a door knob. So I liked that mystery. I also like the repeated reflections throughout the knob...love how you captured it. Have a wonderful evening.

Your classmate,

_Tess Clune
Aug 27 2009 18:29 GMT ossaandrews55
I also thought your door knob look quite interesting with you inside of it ...LOL I like it. It is unique and fun.

Your Classmate ,
Aug 27 2009 21:07 GMT pic172
Great picture...very creative!
Aug 29 2009 03:02 GMT stephaniepaul
I love taking photos and this is the most interesting one I have seen. It is so interesting. Great job!!
Aug 29 2009 23:00 GMT Midworlder PRO
This is fabulous. Definitely a favourite and worthy of a chocolate fish :-))
Great experiment
Aug 30 2009 21:33 GMT nicopier
I love the light and the reflection.. way to think out of the box. Great use of the Cramra and angles...

Your Classmate,
Aug 31 2009 14:10 GMT edilbertoa
There's like 3 or 4 different reflections of your self in the door knob, nice pic!

your classmate,
Sep 03 2009 17:07 GMT HeidiSampson
Critique by Heidi Sampson:

Wonderful shot! The angle gives a lot of depth to the photo. I also like how you worked the camera to take the picture without covering your face. I agree with Tess as she said this photo reminded her of Alice in Wonderland. This abstract picture is a wonderful example of how we may want to walk into another world at times, just like Alice opened the door to Wonderland.
Sep 07 2009 05:35 GMT amperez
Awesome shot! Way to think outside of the box for the first assignment. This is pretty cool. I like how there is definite focus on the door knob but a disporportioned picture of yourself. Cool idea!
Sep 08 2009 01:25 GMT ProfessorShuster
The high contrast of this shot has a really stylish feel. The fact that you have the doorknob on an angle and cropped off the bottom of the frame gives this capture a sense of movement through the composition. Good!
Sep 14 2009 04:12 GMT AdiArts2200
Love this. The color tones give this picture a glowing effect. You also look like you are really inside of the door knob--like a genie :p. The direction of the lock and of your many reflections line up nicely and lead my eyes to your main reflection.