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My Grandad Alexander Watt, WW2 .. Royal Air Force..
I was lucky to see my grandad as a young child as he survived the last War as did my nan, he went on to be one of the most respected Bootmakers in London at John Lobb's the makers for the Royal Family etc.
R.I.P Grandad... always proud I got to meet him :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 21 2009 18:07 GMT Riet
Wonderful memory!
Jul 21 2009 18:10 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thank you Riet ... I have adored your memories of life here over the years too truly heartwarming x
Jul 21 2009 18:22 GMT sayalio
Congrats, Gary, Your grandad was really great man!!!
Jul 21 2009 18:22 GMT Riet
Jul 21 2009 18:23 GMT Lensvision
Lovely photo and story.
Jul 21 2009 18:29 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thats nice of you to say Sayalio ..thank you
Jul 21 2009 18:29 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Lensvision ..thank you so much ... i thank you for always coming by to me
Jul 21 2009 19:05 GMT paparazziboy
Easy to see where you've got it from Gary!, your grandad was such a Great man!, lucky you to have memories like this, thanks for sharing it with us!
Jul 21 2009 19:07 GMT kamilla
Great memory! :)
Jul 21 2009 19:57 GMT Snappa
Really nice Portrait of yr Grandad and story. Good to have family history
Jul 21 2009 20:16 GMT ButterflyWings
Thank for sharing with us :) That's really nice of you. Family should be always at first place and even if somebody pasts away we should keep them in memory.
Jul 22 2009 07:02 GMT hans55 PRO
good memory about your granddad ...i have good memory's about my granddads too !
Jul 22 2009 11:28 GMT ashdad PRO
Wonderful memory!
Jul 22 2009 20:11 GMT corba
so similar to you Gary l'm glad you had so proud and innocent man in your family as i had my grandfather in mine ....he died in 2005...i'm still missing him..btw what can i say ...we should be proud that novadays we speek are own languages in our contries ...not russian or german let the good people rest in peace ...let God be with them....
Jul 23 2009 07:27 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Corba ... I hear the things you say and you are very right, Wars do drag the innocent in in most cases, and my Grandad never ever recalled his experiences as a Pilot so I guess even though the end was not really the end for some..he just carried on as before as that is all we really want to do in life ..carry on in peace if at all possible. I remember you mentioned your Grandfather in Poland and I know that the Polish are a very proud nation, I wish all Grandfathers well in all countries, they know more than we ever will and I miss mine very much aswell
Jul 23 2009 07:29 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Thank you all for the very nice things you say ..he truly was a great man in War and in Peace :)
Jul 23 2009 23:24 GMT LizSA
he is someone to be proud of Gary...... I am happy your grandparents survived
that auwfull war....: !!!
Jul 26 2009 19:03 GMT garynumber1cleaner
thank you :)
Jul 29 2009 18:14 GMT cdc PRO
brave man
Jul 31 2009 19:24 GMT soldier
Great memory portrait!!!!
Nov 28 2009 09:03 GMT ujbanyiv
Strong Old Photograph