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Hello everyone, just popped by to say hope you are all ok and to let you know that I am still doing my number1cleaner bit in reality, I looked at a building in Chiswick 2 days ago and the picture is the equipment the site has that has to be rigged up to the roof trolley system... Its been a long time since I saw one of these and I had to laugh .... every time i see one I always think 'will I need to put a wet sponge on my workers heads! '
Electric Chair should be its only use... I tried one of these contraptions years ago..and they are a nightmare, anyway I offered an alternative..lets see what happens. I am still around above the Roofs of London, still think of you all.. hope the pic gives you a smile like it did me ... :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2009 17:41 GMT LisaSam67
Jul 09 2009 17:43 GMT hans55 PRO
good to see you Gary ... the seat and story made me smile !!!
Jul 09 2009 17:46 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Hello Lisa :) .... hope you are all ok x
Jul 09 2009 17:47 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Thank you very much Hans .... I hope you and your family are well, and your daughter is fine now too.... glad you like the old chair and its story .. lol :D
Jul 09 2009 18:10 GMT LisaSam67
That seat looks pretty scary to me mister!
Jul 09 2009 18:13 GMT garynumber1cleaner
When I used one years ago it was ok for the first couple of floors from the roof, then the further you go down, the more it sways away from the building...it twists and turns and it does not help that you are already sitting approx 3 feet away from the glass in the first place ! then you have to battle to stop its metal parts from breaking the windows ! ... I guess no Electric Chair has any good points really ? lol
Jul 09 2009 18:17 GMT cdc PRO
Jul 09 2009 18:18 GMT garynumber1cleaner
hehe ... thanks cdc ? lol :D
Jul 09 2009 18:18 GMT lynnj04
Hi Gary before i read your story i thought it was an electric chair lol :-))
Jul 09 2009 18:19 GMT Lensvision
Hey Gary!!!!
Looks kinda dangerous.
Jul 09 2009 18:21 GMT garynumber1cleaner
hehe lynn ... I cant believe these are still around and yes it was tested and ready to use !! :)
Jul 09 2009 18:23 GMT garynumber1cleaner
hello Lensvision.... I would say that using one of these would be a little like hanging on a string attached to the rear half of a motorbike with no handlebars attached !! lol
Jul 09 2009 18:31 GMT Lensvision
Jul 09 2009 19:09 GMT megmet PRO
I don't like heights in the first place.....but in one of those!!!!!!
Jul 09 2009 19:21 GMT LisaSam67
no good points at all! you couldn't pay me millions to get on that thing!
Jul 09 2009 20:45 GMT Doody PRO
good to hear you are ok mate :-)
Jul 09 2009 23:24 GMT ashdad PRO
Good to hear from you!

Must say that my first impression was NOT window-cleaning equipment.

: - )
Jul 10 2009 08:20 GMT Snappa
Your job is my Nightmare...I suffer with vertigo..I think you're very brave..I shallmake a point of looking up now when I'm in London...guess I'll have to wave at an awful lot of cleaners before I find Number1.
Jul 10 2009 14:17 GMT Lalbabu
Hi after a long time you have come back.
Jul 11 2009 16:52 GMT woooigottafightcominup
spanish gold
Jul 13 2009 19:19 GMT pauli3522
Jul 16 2009 19:37 GMT ButterflyWings
:))) hi G.
Jul 21 2009 17:40 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Hello M :)
Aug 04 2009 01:19 GMT TRICKS4U
Good to see you're around Mr G
Aug 06 2009 19:30 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Thanks Tricks ... you too :)