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Holiday leftovers : )
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2011 20:59 GMT FLUMP
A wonderful reminder!
Jan 31 2011 21:05 GMT Papagena
At the first sight it seems to be an icy work of an animal !!
Jan 31 2011 21:07 GMT gafaway
I think it will stay there till warmer weather...
Jan 31 2011 21:10 GMT gafaway
and lights up at night...
although I think they are not having it on at night in February...
but maybe a nice pink scarf and some wee hearts
and it should be good for Valentines : )
Jan 31 2011 21:13 GMT mamontof
Light up at night ...that will be cool shot , shut from a side so snow and *blanket* on the back provide sparkling effect
Wow , that will be cool to see
Jan 31 2011 21:16 GMT gafaway
: ) thanks...
so easy to understand the tradition of lights in the dark of winter...
already the days are getting longer... the promise of spring!
Jan 31 2011 21:29 GMT sini
Lovely snow image!:)
Jan 31 2011 21:31 GMT gafaway
thanks sini... still lots of winter left here : )
Jan 31 2011 21:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
putting away the Christmas decorations here is a part of spring cleaning. :-)
Jan 31 2011 21:48 GMT gafaway
an excellent plan : )
Jan 31 2011 22:05 GMT bandsix
a lovely photo!!
Jan 31 2011 22:11 GMT mamontof
I am not so sure regarding tradition ...as for me deer can stay all year / in spring summer or fall it provide great contrast to land !
I like to feel in Holiday mode 365 days in a year !
Jan 31 2011 23:36 GMT martini957
Looks so pretty....made a cool picture
Feb 01 2011 00:42 GMT Studio88
Winter Wonderland ;-)
Feb 01 2011 00:43 GMT T1MELESS PRO
That is a pretty cold saddle it's wearing :-)) great shot.........
Feb 01 2011 01:37 GMT potterjo
Lovely image!
We came home last night and a house down the road not only still have their Christmas lights out they were on!
Feb 01 2011 05:43 GMT Annamaria
Maybe they will leave it there till next Christmas..... ;-)
Feb 02 2011 21:50 GMT h43
This is neat Pam. I love the saddle of snow. We're getting pounded today for a change it isn't you folks.
Feb 09 2011 16:10 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot here Pam ;-)
Feb 14 2011 22:36 GMT Dimf
Well composed
Mar 03 2011 20:30 GMT LisaSam67
Very pretty!
May 04 2011 18:09 GMT h43
Lovely shot. Too bad it is at this time of the year. We have WET, COLD weather but at least it doesn't have to be shovelled.