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Wild flower, wild child ... that's me
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 21 2007 20:56 GMT LizSA
a rose.... hello fufu...!!
Nov 21 2007 21:04 GMT fufu
Hi Liz, how are you and your loved ones?
Nov 21 2007 21:07 GMT LizSA
we are all well... thx fufu... my husband had a small hernia operation...but I fetched
him from hospital this morning... nothing serious... he must just keep himself
calm and do what the docters say...
Lourens is up and about.... terrible two's now... but I saw him last night and
he was so cute I put his carrot rings on a toothpic, and he just loved it..:-)))
are you and Maguzz on another holiday... ? :-)
Nov 21 2007 21:12 GMT fufu
Well, hope your husband gets well soon and hug Lourens for me. How is Michaela doing?

And no, we are not on holiday. I am kneedeep in my MBA studies, taking classes back to back until 7 January because I want to graduate by the end of 2008 at the latest.
Nov 21 2007 21:26 GMT LizSA
Oh... fufu yu are busy... you doing all this over the festive season....!!
keep well and hug the cat family for me...:-)
Michaela is great.... she is attending the St Claire school and she is also
now going to church there... she is very happy in England.. and have good friends..
thankyou for asking Fufu.... keep well dear friend...!! :-)
Nov 22 2007 08:13 GMT maxelkat
Great tattoo. Is that your shoulder?
Nov 22 2007 08:51 GMT fufu
Nov 28 2007 20:25 GMT paintpictures
toll !!!!!! dein tatto???
Nov 28 2007 20:29 GMT fufu
Ja, eines von demnaechst 2.
Nov 29 2007 17:45 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice tattoo !!
Nov 29 2007 19:42 GMT fufu
Thanks, Hans.
Dec 08 2007 16:42 GMT Vargen
Super shot and wonderful tattoo... ;-)
Dec 08 2007 16:49 GMT fufu
Thank you Vargen.
Dec 19 2007 20:23 GMT fufu
Dec 21 2007 01:05 GMT wagnerleonardo
Very beautiful tattoo and great shot.
Dec 21 2007 10:34 GMT Sebster
Merry Christmas Fufu
Dec 21 2007 10:57 GMT fufu
Same to you Sebster :-)
Dec 21 2007 10:58 GMT fufu
Thanks wagnerleonardo. Second tattoo to be done on 8 Jan. Let's see if I can stick with just 2 :-). Merry x-mas to you.
Jan 28 2008 19:44 GMT Felixthecat
Happy birthday Fufu!
Nov 03 2008 13:26 GMT otilia
Nov 15 2008 11:20 GMT OmarIbrahim
Very beautiful tattoo and great shot.
Jan 01 2009 00:53 GMT saurier

Und viel Gesundheit - hoffe, es geht dir besser *knuddel*
Jun 26 2009 19:58 GMT cdc PRO
Sep 15 2009 13:33 GMT wagnerleonardo
Wonderful tattoo my friend.