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...waiting on maguzz - 'abusing' his camera
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2006 16:51 GMT gkamats
very very interesting
Oct 22 2006 16:53 GMT backstreets PRO
very creative..brilliant photo !!
Oct 22 2006 17:08 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
:) haha!! Fabulous self-portrait !! :))
Oct 22 2006 17:35 GMT maguzz
:-))) see, it's not that difficult ...
Oct 22 2006 17:46 GMT fufu
Thank you, backstreets.
Oct 22 2006 18:58 GMT LizSA
Brilliant...fantastic......that is why I could not find you on my list...was
looking for a "lamp" !!!! this is one of the best photo's ...great....
Maguzz is a good master....!!!or is it your very OWN Idea....it is lovely to play with a camera...really !!!! great..
Oct 22 2006 19:14 GMT fufu
Thanks LizSA, it was my own idea. I just 'stole' maguzz' camera while he was out and about taking Tenerife pictures.
Oct 22 2006 19:33 GMT LizSA
And you had lots of fun...I bet he was surprised when he got back.....it honestly is a masterpiece...!!!
Oct 22 2006 19:36 GMT fufu
Thanks you. Masterpiece? Nawwww - just playing around :-)
Oct 22 2006 19:37 GMT fufu
B-fly s-fyl, I was just 'fooling' around because I was bored while maguzz was taking some Tenerife shots.
Oct 22 2006 21:04 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
I can imagine he was busy for quite a while ...how many did he take... 400000? LOL!! Sounds like me...taking a bazillion trillion shots.
Oct 25 2006 21:25 GMT LizSA
fufu...miss Piggy is uploaded......
and I miss the tenerife cat family...my heart is bleeding for them..!!
Oct 29 2006 19:33 GMT hallo
Eine tolle aufnahme
Oct 29 2006 19:47 GMT fufu
Danke hallo. Mache gerade Fotopause wegen Studium. Arbeite ganztags und mache online studium, da bleibt wenig Freizeit.
Oct 30 2006 04:08 GMT hallo
Viel erfolg dabei....hat mein spruch gewirckt :))))))))
bis dem naechst.
Feb 13 2007 04:56 GMT LisaSam67
excellent shot! isn't it neat finding interesting different angles and reflections and such - it's a different eye/brain world with a camera in hand isn't it - I see so many things now that I just didn't notice before! Everything seems to have something interesting about it worthy of that shot! This one is great tho... wonderful clarity and reflection! Good job!
Feb 17 2007 03:06 GMT linnywv PRO
Great reflection! What a capture!