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Tags la


Los Angeles
SMASHBOX's left pit.

Freda shooting for MONARCHY DESIGNER details. LA fall 2008 fashion show.


COULD YOU SEE ME THERE WITH THE canon 300mm f/2.8 ?
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 14 2008 09:01 GMT znacke
i see you :)))))))))))))))) great photo
Mar 14 2008 09:39 GMT sayalio
Of course!!!! And it's so nice to see You at Your favourite job! Good luck....and have splendid weekend! :-)
Mar 14 2008 09:45 GMT iiLan
Could see u there. Crowded it is. Was raining almost all day long during my recent trip to Bario. Met your sis & memek. Lawai is Miri.
Mar 14 2008 10:03 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHAHA, I SEE YOU...lol damn thats a HUGE THING..i hope your arms and back are ok. Good luck with the last of the shootings.

Smashbox, what a great name..hahaha
Mar 14 2008 10:11 GMT fredaFunSite
hi su my sweetheart!
actually my team is personally hired by the designer for this particular show. My spot is on the left top with 300mm as to get detail shots (beauty, materials, shoes all those details thingy). right in front of me are mercedes benz photographers and camera (organiser group), Getti photographers ( world well known photo stock and one of the sponsorship), Women daily magazines, and certain tv shows. we are main priority on the spots. ;))

Mar 14 2008 10:14 GMT fredaFunSite
yup lian, is crowded but not as crowded as in New York fashion show where most of world magazines and tv shows photographers and videos present.
I will be home soon for holiday..looking forward to seeing my family back home :))
Mar 14 2008 10:18 GMT suzannesmash
Sounds like a DREAM...i have to say. And a fantastic thing for you..
So you all in a team have certain tasks for each shooting?
Mar 14 2008 10:29 GMT Squirrel PRO
Yes,I have seen you...........................superb Canon 300mmf/2.8...............good shot
Mar 14 2008 10:34 GMT fredaFunSite
Su, yes.
my team mate spot is right in the middle (to get full body shots on the runway) but he wasn't there because he shot me in the pit and he had to shoot celebrities and guests before the show started.
It s nice to see celebrities around :D

Mar 14 2008 10:36 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha ohh i got so confused now..i did see your face over the comment..
and then i did see, it was SQUIRREL...
Well, i am happy to see you, youre the next celebritie
Mar 14 2008 10:37 GMT fredaFunSite
oh forgotten something su darling,
every spot and task has different lense for shooting :)
kinda complicated.
Mar 14 2008 10:41 GMT fredaFunSite
nah...su..i don't want to be a celebrity!! :D
I prefer to be a calm photographer and enjoying it :)))
Mar 14 2008 12:45 GMT DavidNewland PRO
That lense is bigger than your head !!!!
And what an insane collection of lenses ;)
How's it going over there?
Hope you're having a great time !
Seen the beach yet?
Have a great friday / weekend - it's always nice to see what you're up to !
Mar 14 2008 13:58 GMT Rocco
admirable como siempre. que buen trabajo tienes
Mar 14 2008 18:56 GMT damansara71
Bangga tgk lu beb! Very good lens indeed!
Mar 15 2008 18:33 GMT maguzz
wow fread, that's great ... you found your thing ... ;-)
Mar 17 2008 15:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
David's right - what a lens!!!

I see a lot of "white" lenses there....

It must feel good just being there with the other pros. Is there any socializing with photogs from different agencies?
Mar 17 2008 16:06 GMT fredaFunSite
PP yes.
despite the challenging situation, we do help each other on certain occasion.
my team is pretty close friends with Getti, the Mercedes Benz and the Women Magazines photogs.

since we have only one press room so basically we keep seeing each other every single day lol and having coffee.

There are LA TV, selected magazines etc.
usually it's the mercedes benz and designers who granted the photogs agencies admission.

LA is not busy as NY. NY has triple numbers of photogs due to the International coverages.
Mar 17 2008 16:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
and even as important and big as LA is - NY is THE fashion week!!!
Mar 17 2008 16:12 GMT fredaFunSite
you got tit right PP :) NY is THE fashion week.
Mar 17 2008 16:57 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it's also fantastic that you are getting to meet all the people in the industry (Getty, Benz, the magazines etc.) and work with them - it will become more and more valuable to you as more people learn about this talented photographer named Freda.

If I could buy "stock" (like in IBM, Apple, Pittsburg Steel - you know, Dow Jones, Nasdaq type stock) in Freda Henry photography, I would do it in in instant!! :-))
Mar 17 2008 18:14 GMT fredaFunSite
lol PP.
hope u won't lose your money for it ;P
Mar 21 2008 19:42 GMT gtc126
Great Capture....Looks like a Union Meeting!!!!!
Mar 25 2008 07:55 GMT tosh116
Goin Great Guns....Iam amazed now...Shall i switch my profession :)) Wishful thinkin...Happy to see you in the group....n lovely Photographs...Love ur Models ha ha :)) Hugs from India...love tosh :)
Apr 23 2008 14:26 GMT fie1602
Nahhhhh.. I can see u la..