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Location : Bario, Sarawak
Ethnic : Kelabit
Photography Project : The Borneo 

Great grandmoth...

922 views 5 people's favourite photo

Location : Bario, Sarawak
Ethnic : Kelabit
Photography Project : The Borneo

Great grandmother of my nieces/nephews

ps: I won't be able to upload as many photos as I should since this project is for my personal photography project for books/Magazines of Ethnicity history/coverage.

Hello to everyone, it has been awhile almost 2 months??. ;)) wish everyone is doing great.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2008 05:51 GMT sini
Wonderful portrait!:)
Jul 12 2008 05:58 GMT fredaFunSite
thks sini :)
Jul 12 2008 06:33 GMT AshleyChen
nice light !
Jul 12 2008 06:42 GMT litz
a portrait full of wisdom fred..!!
Jul 12 2008 06:43 GMT fredaFunSite
hey litz! how are u doing? :)))
Jul 12 2008 06:50 GMT damansara71
Freda, this is amazing!!!! Ada pakai reflector?
Jul 12 2008 06:51 GMT litz
i'm fine fred thank you...
just disappeared for a while due to some reasons :-))
real life situation hehehehe
Jul 12 2008 06:54 GMT fredaFunSite
yes I did. The dish reflector. I brought it with me :D
you may want to see my helper handle the reflector :D
Jul 12 2008 06:55 GMT fredaFunSite
we do that from time to time litz ;D
Jul 12 2008 06:58 GMT damansara71
Ha Ha Ha! Tht wld be interesting! My pics tu tak buat editing......Just add a bit of curves to play with the lighting. I bought the PS3 book but still lazy to practice......
Jul 12 2008 07:00 GMT fredaFunSite
the less editing is the better.
In the world of runway fashion and media, you have no time to waste on editing unless you have personal editor working on it.

so the point is, good tech and shoot is vital.
you did it!
Jul 12 2008 07:03 GMT nightowl011
Wonderful portrait!:))
Jul 12 2008 07:34 GMT marijke06
Jul 12 2008 08:48 GMT CeterusParibus
very nice portrait against the blurred background ..
Jul 12 2008 08:55 GMT Carlimauda
what a beautiful and wise face!
Jul 12 2008 08:58 GMT fredaFunSite
the word 'wise face' it's definitely what I thought of it.
This women has history with her ;))
Jul 12 2008 11:40 GMT damansara71
Nikon D300 punya geng! He's using Sigma 24-70mm 2.8.
About time for me to upgrade to better EOS series. At above 800 ISO I'm having noise problem. I was using 400 So my speed is the problem! Banyak gambar blur cik adik oii!
Jul 12 2008 12:29 GMT Jakeobean
Freda..this is absolutely stunning.....I am looking forward to your book...best lucky my dear friend.....
Jul 12 2008 13:07 GMT DavidNewland PRO
You know I was speechless when I saw this.
I dont know if it's the expression on her face and in her eyes, there's just something about it.
The isolation and composition is perfect too.
After seeing your photo's of younger models in a studio environment you've captured a different kind of beauty here - this photo could tell so many stories to the viewer without actually knowing this person.
Without doubt my new #1 favourite photo by you. At first I thought it would make a good BW shot, but it's absolutely stunning in colour.
Good luck with your book - if this is the standard of the level of work in it, then you're going to turn a lot of heads.
Jul 12 2008 15:23 GMT Maire
welcome back!!!
great photo love!
Jul 12 2008 15:56 GMT Squirrel PRO
Outstanding portrait,dear Freda.

My best regards to your big family in Long Jegan.
Jul 12 2008 15:57 GMT Aurelie444
Its Frieda.....2070 year.
Jul 12 2008 15:59 GMT fredaFunSite
hahhahah Aurekie :D I could be ;))
Jul 12 2008 16:06 GMT bandarsungailong
This caught my attention ! Never knew she is from Bario if you did not mentioned it. The Kelabits (of that generation) would have tatooes and long ears weighted down by brass ornaments. So this photo is a departure of the 'normal' Kelabit. Not forgetting their straw hats and other headgears. Sarawak is a wonderful place for photos !
Jul 12 2008 16:31 GMT sayalio
Superbissimo!!! *gazing at Your work, lovin' it*
Jul 12 2008 18:43 GMT Pondy PRO
This is a beauty Freda, in many ways!
Jul 12 2008 20:21 GMT LizSA
beauti Fredah....and character.....
great photo... and a wonderful oppertunity to capture her for always...

Great to see you sometimes Fredah... and we understand that you are very
busy.... just know we often think of you. FT friends ....!!
Jul 12 2008 20:23 GMT rosecafe
your fthing is just awesome, love the images here!
Jul 12 2008 21:52 GMT YesHello
what an awesome capture!!! outstanding girl!!! welcome back!!!
Jul 12 2008 21:53 GMT fredaFunSite
thank you hun ;))
Jul 13 2008 03:28 GMT Ichthus1968
Jul 13 2008 09:47 GMT znacke
wow, impressive portrait, wonderful
Jul 13 2008 15:45 GMT suzannesmash
I see you in here too...wonderful, sensitive and touching portrait..and of course
a dof o holic as me, is just drooling over that dof..
AND Hey, I AM the reflector holder...lol
Jul 14 2008 00:55 GMT iiLan
Lovely pic Eda, ni nenek lawai dia orang kan! The last time I went back to bario I didn't get to meet her but she seem to be just fine.
Jul 14 2008 04:17 GMT fie1602
Ohhh.. i miss my 'bubah' in Jakarta..tp dapat tgk org punya grandma pun jadila.. :(
welkam back freda yang cantek!
iilan mmg lawak..
sumtimes i kena baca 2-3kali ayat yang dia komen in b.melayu baru paham.. lol..
jgn marah yer iilan.. ;p
Jul 14 2008 06:22 GMT jajz
great to know that u still got the great granny......
me dont even hav chances to see any of em....
i pun belum lahir lagi.........bila dah lahir plak tak sempat tgk, sebab mereka dah meninggal la sudah....

** lovely pic dearie*
Jul 14 2008 06:46 GMT fredaFunSite
nah jajz, i don't have great grand ma or pa. The one above is my nieces and nephews great grandma (my sister's family inlaw) ;))
Jul 14 2008 10:30 GMT sider
Nice composition and great present about the emotion... :D

Jul 15 2008 05:09 GMT cking
Great portrait Freda.
Jul 15 2008 05:50 GMT Grimacher PRO
What a beautiful shot of an amazing face :)
Jul 15 2008 17:43 GMT moniqe
stunning portait Freda!!! just perfect!!! and welcome back!!!
Jul 18 2008 15:09 GMT kosmos PRO
Really beautiful :)
Jul 31 2008 05:42 GMT Athanor
Here is an impressive portrait !
Good work !