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I'm back to the PIT ;))
This time sh...



I'm back to the PIT ;))
This time shooting 100% male models...oh my..hahhahah they are cute.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 22 2008 14:55 GMT roncarlin PRO
Excellent photo. Wish you much success.
Jul 22 2008 16:58 GMT rosecafe
I bet they are! nice capture! ;)
Jul 22 2008 23:49 GMT damansara71
Sukalah tu! Eda mcm mana lighting on the runway? Looking at your exif it must be good at iso 400!
Jul 23 2008 02:17 GMT fredaFunSite
1st check the white balance + temperature mostly it's either daylight or kelvin sometimes it goes with tungsten.
2, then check the shutter-speed + iso + f (these depending on each other setting)
if u want higher shutter-speed as to avoid motion then you need to increase your ISO and go for small F/number such as f4, f4.5 or f3.5. Don't you too high ISO as to avoid 'grainy' images.

f3.5 can be to shallow for shooting details so f4.5 - f 5..5 is usually the ideal.

Hope this helps you.
Jul 23 2008 03:47 GMT jajz
yeah ....hensem lah ....... i like his hair style tho :))
Jul 23 2008 04:12 GMT damansara71
Thanks a lot Sista!!! Very good info for me!!! Will try on next one. I think I need to change my cam 1st! Full frame Canons can take low lights better/faster than 30D plus better reso/pix...but studio shots still ok. Thinking of the one u hold in yr april the 7th upload......mark tiga la beb! Rather than regretting later & .....'I wish' problem in my mind.
Alahai jaja nak ngurat model encem pulak! Cepat beli slr boleh shoot ngan sis Eda! Boleh tengik mat salleh encem slalu! Ha ha ha!
Jul 23 2008 04:29 GMT fredaFunSite
full frame is better of course :))
oh yes zam..those are jejaka menawan...terpikat I kena diorang.
hahhahahaha. 5D is good enough for the runway. It looks like lots of my friends love 5D although they do have mark satu dua tiga hahahhaha. Those mark ada faulty last time but they already corrected it. I did shot with those cam. ;))
Jul 23 2008 04:33 GMT fredaFunSite
jajz..ramai jejaka hensem jajz...hahahhaha phuh..I did spend sometimes talking to some of them during the break time hihihihihi but I macam kerdil...diorang tu tinggi lampai.
Jul 23 2008 04:52 GMT damansara71
Org kerdil la yg lagi laku Eda! Nanti baka you semua tinggi2! Ha ha ha! Utk commercial job kat sini banyak yg pakai pix tinggi! Pas tu my friend buka site asianphoto. Kalau nak submit kena above 16mpix. I'm looking for multi purpose tht can fit all jobs. Off course kalau ada medium format kat studio, Mark tiga utk outdoor/indoor & 5D utk runway mcm U lagi best!!!
Jul 23 2008 16:29 GMT Maire
nice model >=))))
and nice shot ;)
Jul 24 2008 02:19 GMT iiLan
good focus, composition excellent photography, tapi model dia lembut pon ponlah! tak macho! great shot dear!
Jul 24 2008 02:22 GMT fredaFunSite
you want to see macho models???
you have no idea how many shot I have of them.
Under buckler design. Wait and see..i upload one just for you. hahahahahh!
Jul 24 2008 02:29 GMT fredaFunSite
ti was very funny shooting this Nicholas K designs. We thought it was Nicholas Cage designe hahhahaha.

really fun shooting this ENK though. We can have beers and cocktails during a break..for FREE!!

2 times breaks ..3 to 4 glasses of margarita ...sooo..i was tipsy while shooting the last show almost everyday hahahhahahah really FUN! and some shots blur but of course I keep all the sharp shots only.
Jul 24 2008 08:13 GMT iiLan
Oh! as long as not Nicholas Leong eh! ..........how nice to have such breaks sure is FUN thing, cocktails may not get along with beers probably you'll get mote blurr collections hahahaha!... or set to mutiple shot mode select one later. I dont need the macho model pic (I got Popeye's beefy Rufus in my clippart) a feminine girl will do, thanks anyway!
Jul 24 2008 09:09 GMT jajz
sis edda, thats even great babe....sembang / borak2 kosong je.... tengok samaada dorang ni knowledgeable or so-so .....hehe :))
Jul 25 2008 14:04 GMT suzannesmash
WOOHOOO here we goo...it looking good too..

perfect shot..as always.
Jul 26 2008 20:07 GMT Carlimauda
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is CUTE!
Jul 30 2008 19:23 GMT moniqe
ohhh yes they are cite!!! great!!!
Aug 03 2008 21:30 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I like this look....