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hello everyone :))

me at GenArt show media raiser the opening of NY fashion week night.
next ...

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hello everyone :))

me at GenArt show media raiser the opening of NY fashion week night.
next to me is Women daily magazine, Getty, Cosmopolitan, NY times and house photographer Dan Lecca ( the white beard guy. He is known as the world runway fashion photographer)

check his profile

Dan Lecca has taught me allot on runway techical photography aspect.

photo by: Charles Beckwith (editorial photographer) http://www.charlesbeckwith.com/

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 18 2008 04:28 GMT hans55 PRO
looking good dear friend !!!
Sep 18 2008 04:31 GMT fredaFunSite
guess what hans, I'm losing weight!! yeah!
lol. busy witih works is way for me to lose weight ;))
Sep 18 2008 05:36 GMT suzannesmash
Hello darling awwww and you onelegged friend too...
Sep 18 2008 06:01 GMT kutlu01
hi freda
Sep 18 2008 06:28 GMT nightowl011
Hello Freda, dear friend - nice to see you again! The best way for me to losing weight is yoga training, but you have beautiful silhouette!:)))
Sep 18 2008 06:45 GMT rock
Hi freda ! It's a great pleasure to see you again!!!!!!!
Sep 18 2008 12:34 GMT DavidNewland PRO
*buys you some maggie mee*
You'll be small enough to fit in the box you're sitting on if you keep that up :P
And Dan Lecca ? You should be teaching HIM ;)
Sep 18 2008 12:39 GMT Jakeobean
Freda...you need to take a break......sitting among the great fashion photograpers as an equal....What an honor.....(I believe we share the same lens, and monopod....)
Sep 18 2008 13:25 GMT fredaFunSite
they don't really share equipment but I was lucky enough that an italian photographer letting me to use his lense 70-200 + 1.4 extender (320 mm) when he noticed that I didn't have extender during one of major show 'Anna Sui'. I'm truly greatful for that.

Usually they share equiptment among their own team or company :)
Sep 18 2008 14:16 GMT LizSA
this is a beautiful shot.... so profesional....
you look tired... but content.... you look fantastic and working with
the ""older generation of photographers:: way to go girl.....
FT friends are so proud of you....!!
Sep 18 2008 17:01 GMT Lukesta
wow look at those pins!...the artist hard at work ;o)
Sep 20 2008 21:14 GMT bennystr
Always a pleasure to see you Freda!
Sep 29 2008 21:14 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Freda it's wonderful to see you - you really look wonderful!!!!

So proud of you and your work - just fantastic!!
Sep 30 2008 18:49 GMT Midworlder PRO
Da´mn missed this first time ... good to see you following your passion
Oct 01 2008 14:16 GMT grimp PRO
Hello Freda, nice to see you again!
Oct 03 2008 05:14 GMT Caesar
A great Canon bazooka
Oct 13 2008 18:18 GMT Maire
lovely to see your pretty face :))
Oct 17 2008 02:15 GMT victoto
that kindly gesture is another proof of Your talent and charm.......cgrtls......saludos
Oct 19 2008 02:30 GMT PIXELJUNK
your are the Bomb!
Feb 24 2009 14:02 GMT LittleDaisy
Wow Freda! You're in bloom :-) Such company around You, but You still shine them through with Your lovely smile! Kisses