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Location : Bario,Sarawak
Ethnic : Penan
Photography Project : The Borneo

1254 views 5 people's favourite photo

Location : Bario,Sarawak
Ethnic : Penan
Photography Project : The Borneo
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 16 2008 21:21 GMT PhotoPro PRO
fantastic work Freda!!
Jul 16 2008 21:41 GMT maguzz
freda: ... theat's really excelent ... i like the borneo project ... ;-)
Jul 16 2008 21:42 GMT ag
very good :))
Jul 16 2008 22:25 GMT hans55 PRO
perfect ...superb !!!
Jul 17 2008 00:39 GMT damansara71
Aduhhhh! Jeles, jeles jeles!!! Nanti gua nak buat exhibition utk lu punya top pics one day kat KLCC!
Jul 17 2008 00:54 GMT Lubranco2008
Prof B&W work... Just perfect !
Jul 17 2008 01:25 GMT moniqe
absolutly amazing portrait!!! wow!!!
Jul 17 2008 01:30 GMT iiLan
Lovely pic dear... budak penan kah ni? Sekarang era modern bagi dia orang lengkap dgn fesyen pakaian anak Angelina Jolie. Babak dia mesti macho dan mak putih mcm dari Beijing. Great pic, love it.
Jul 17 2008 02:06 GMT jajz
great work :))
Jul 17 2008 02:13 GMT jajz
kak edda.....u always came out with the best output.......great love to see your work further in future.......
Jul 17 2008 10:38 GMT Kurt
Hi freda..;-)
What a cutie....great photo..;-)
Jul 17 2008 10:46 GMT fredaFunSite
Thks Jajz ;))
Jul 17 2008 14:18 GMT DavidNewland PRO
Great shot - am sure her family would love to see this printed !
She doesnt seem as shy as the last girl you snapped - curious maybe, but comfortable !
Nice soft BW too !
Jul 17 2008 17:31 GMT damansara71
Teringat masa naik boat dr Sibu, Kanowit, Song, Kapit before proceed to Belaga! Should have pickup photography earlier! So many beautiful places & faces in the rurals!
Jul 17 2008 20:36 GMT Carlimauda
You catched this lovely little girl in beautiful light!
Jul 17 2008 21:58 GMT suzannesmash
This is just OUTSTANDING darling, with this..you just complete everything with your photography..this is so..so good, in all ways. its a pricewinner
Jul 17 2008 21:59 GMT fredaFunSite
did we happen commenting each other photos and added to fav???

hahahhahaah a
Jul 17 2008 22:05 GMT suzannesmash
yes at the same time hahahahaha
Jul 18 2008 06:02 GMT zespook
a picture from real life....lovely portrait!
Jul 18 2008 09:16 GMT nightowl011
Wonderful portrait and beautiful model!:))
Jul 18 2008 10:06 GMT fredaFunSite
yup you should have taken photos of it. It doesn't matter what camera you use as long you shoot whatever you think interesting so then it will be part of your life journey. ;))
Jul 18 2008 10:37 GMT iiLan
Eda... have a nice weekend. 6.30 pm here I nak balik dah, sunday ni main football 7 org sebelah (tournament).
Jul 18 2008 11:14 GMT fredaFunSite
have a nice weekend to you too.
miss playing pool!
Jul 18 2008 11:55 GMT kutlu01
Jul 18 2008 12:31 GMT damansara71
I was too busy thinking about the logistics for 4000 Sarawak students for National Svc! Tht was 2004 & my focus was jst my work! I've seen remarkable places there. I think one day I'll go bck to tht river, hire the 'Apai' to go up to Belaga again! Probably Lian want to join my expedition..........
Jul 18 2008 15:10 GMT kosmos PRO
How very sweet :)
Jul 18 2008 20:31 GMT YesHello
outstanding!!!! she is so precious!!!! is she your niece?
Jul 19 2008 00:12 GMT fredaFunSite
Nope, she is a penan kid. Nomadic people. She is very cute :))
Jul 21 2008 07:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
Excellent Freda
Jul 26 2008 18:29 GMT coocki
thanks for sharing these amazing pictures with us, Freda!!!
Aug 01 2008 21:41 GMT burger320
fantastic work!!!!!!!!!