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Testing a light out. It`s burning around 1 amp of power. 1 amp of power could probably power 300 light emitting diodes too...??? makes you think!! should I convert my hall into having LED lighting?
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Mar 08 2008 21:34 GMT fotothinger
The lights say 8 watts onn them and they are powered by 12 volt battery.ok let`s work this out. P=IxV power = Current times Voltage....

So I basically 16 watts divided by the votage would give me the current it`s using....

The total is 1.4 amps....on Average......

My battery is 20 amp hours :-) It`s 9.30 pm on a saturday evening here!! My light will still be on easily at 4 in the morning!! hahhaah!! :-)

I have lost it big time lol