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It was record store day today. This is an event where they sell special records in indie record...



It was record store day today. This is an event where they sell special records in indie records shops... It`s a bit like getting a rare record to keep the interest in records going.

One thing that bothers me about these days! It seems to attract people that are not interested in records. All they are interested in is getting there first and buying records to put up for profit on ebay.

For 7 years this record day has been going on now. I went to the first 2 years of it and it was easy to get a record on the day that was a special one to own. However people Que up in the early hours of the morning and sit there just to buy records to resell on ebay.

I wanted the ghostbusters glow in the dark 2014 record store day 10" record... But there was no point in going to be honest as I know there would be a pile of record hunters collecting them and then driving to the next shop to get more! lol

A good idea is the record store day, but i think you should only be allowed one record to buy to stop people making money out of it..

Ghost busters record would have been about £5 to buy but many are on ebay already at £35+

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 19 2014 22:14 GMT MargNZ
Greed and profiteering sadly is world wide Vic :)
May 12 2014 02:06 GMT gtc126
Ghost Busters!!!!!! Who you going to Call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 24 2014 23:34 GMT julie13
Got my copy of Dark Side Of The Moon in a frame. Never been played, still got the poster and stickers inside the cover. It hangs on my wall and I will never sell it. I love records and I miss record shops.
Sep 20 2014 22:35 GMT fotothinger
damn ot been on here for about a month... I have the trance remixes of the Floyd.. Came out as cd bootlegs in the 90s. Worth a listen.