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Dab radio at work to pass the time!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 08 2008 20:47 GMT ldhill62
nice radio, you got wind power to supply it(without being rude)
Mar 08 2008 21:30 GMT fotothinger
It runs off 9 Volts around one amp.So i`m going to try and build a little circuit using a Voltage Regulator that will allow 9 volts to pass through it...I`m not going to take the chance of passing 12 volts through it.....Mind you Maplin where I used to work ages ago sells some good little voltage rectifier things..that would do the job cheaply...

I like the Dab radio. I picked the sonus one because of the features on it.. It speaks to you and good for a blind person too..

Basically when Dixons shut down in Paisley over a year ago I got the external speakers cheap as a job lot... I made small cardboard boxes for them and passed them off on ebay...Basically I also found this Pure evoke sonus radio for less than Half price on ebay....It`s a reconditioned Pure radio and a guy is selling them at the moment and they are perfect! :-) I paid under 50 for it including postage and packing.

I love the station called chill...I think there is another 38 stations to try out!!! lol

Basically I got the whole radio for nothing if you loko at it form the point of the External speakers I sold on ebay over the period of a year... when I was not working I could not really afford to get the radio,but now I got lucky with