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jewelbox art pottery raku homefph


On my marble bedside table:

the book I just finished, two jewel boxes, empty candle holder, drink coaster, and raku pottery vase.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2006 03:09 GMT duncan
That is an old table. My mother had one of those.
Jan 08 2006 04:35 GMT HMBPA PRO
Three, very well composed pictures...good job!!!
Jan 08 2006 05:02 GMT Glo
nice colors :)
Jan 08 2006 06:03 GMT hallo
Very sharp capture, everything is so clear and beautiful. Tell me how was the book!
Jan 08 2006 07:19 GMT Kriszti
really nice setting, again ..i like !!
Jan 08 2006 09:57 GMT kosmos PRO
I think I would like to live in your house. :)
Love the colors!
Jan 08 2006 11:58 GMT pinko

..all on thei place!:)..
..nice colors!..
Jan 08 2006 12:45 GMT RainyDay
love the colors too :)
Jan 08 2006 12:53 GMT will
Yes, this is great and beautiful...
Jan 08 2006 13:11 GMT luna

I see another book below "the translator"... I wonder which it is
the wood box and the raku pottery are very beautiful
Jan 08 2006 13:26 GMT nessie
nice detail
Jan 08 2006 22:26 GMT PhotoPro PRO
stunning colors!
Jan 09 2006 03:13 GMT fhelsing PRO
> how was the book!

Interesting, with a lot to say about poets and poetry. I also liked "Lord Byron's Novel" (by the same author).
Jan 09 2006 03:20 GMT fhelsing PRO
Luna, the next thing in my pile is the latest issue of "Asimov's Science Fiction" magazine. I'm looking forward to it!

The wooden box came from Morocco, and it was a gift from my husband's parents for my birthday several years ago. I keep my birthstone jewelry in it -- a garnet bracelet, two birthstone rings, and two garnet pendants.
Jan 09 2006 19:46 GMT Milibuh
Lovely things...