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visiting Blue Door Beads on Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, California
Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer colors!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 08 2013 23:43 GMT will
Jul 09 2013 05:09 GMT Foggydew
Jul 09 2013 05:16 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice reuse of a chair ! :-) ... good composed picture !!
Jul 09 2013 06:17 GMT MargNZ
Lovely use of the old chair Fleur :)
Jul 09 2013 13:53 GMT wijnie58
WOW I love this image, Fleur..:-))
Jul 09 2013 16:39 GMT Xaragma
I have some similar chairs - I'll know what to do with them if they wear out.
Jul 09 2013 21:52 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A delightful find and a great idea!
Jul 09 2013 22:00 GMT fhelsing PRO
> marigolds?

I took a closer look at these yellow flowers during today's walk, and they seem to be lantana! I was really surprised, because I think of that plant as being a spreading shrub or ground cover, but I guess that you can grow them in containers.
Jul 09 2013 22:05 GMT will
Jul 09 2013 23:12 GMT fhelsing PRO
That was new to me, too!

As it happens, I have a large pot that I'm planning to empty out soon. Maybe I'll consider a lantana.

I love lantana, but my yard is the size of a postage stamp. I used to have a beautiful purple one, but it got huge in no time at all. Since I'm a renter, I realized that I shouldn't keep it.
Jul 10 2013 15:23 GMT will
.lost.a.plant.that.i.loved.that.I.had.planted.over.her.in.her.resting.place.of.my.little.8.mo.old.kitty.'Serena'.i.lost.a.few.years.ago.to.FHP.disease.(we.tried.everything.to.save.her.along.with.my.vet,including.interferon.injections)...it.died. this.spri ng.and.i.am.still.very.upset.about.it....I'm.not.sure.what.it.actually.was.but.in.looks.very.similar.to.your.lantana.here.i.think...it.was.purple.and.very.beautiful...I.can't.even.remember.where.i.got.it.being.so.upset.around.that.time..iplanted .it.....thanks,fleur. .)
Jul 10 2013 20:47 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm so sorry, Will ...... may Serena rest in peace.

I still miss my own purple lantana shrub, and I'll definitely look into finding a variety that would do well in a large pot. I love lantana --- they smell so sweet, and they attract bees and butterflies.

If I do find one, I'll post pictures!
Jul 12 2013 18:34 GMT will
Jul 12 2013 18:37 GMT will
Jul 20 2013 19:37 GMT gtc126
Well that is one way to make a flower pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!