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"Things of Science" kit: "Plastics"

Sometimes you can find these kits on eBay, and I bought this one a few weeks ago for about US$2. It was originally owned by a fellow in Texas, and two of the pieces were missing and one had been used. However, some of the packages were still unopened and the booklet was clean.

The bright red thing is a model of a car body made of polycarbonate plastic. It's so cool, with a real "metal flake" treatment to the plastic.

On the top right, there's a plastic shoe plate, the kind you can use to keep your heels from wearing down. The bag in the middle right contains tiny beads of polystyrene, the kind that puff up when you heat them up. The white polyallomer "living hinge" at the bottom right can flex for years without damage. More fun!

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 25 2012 06:21 GMT hallo
I have no room for any stuff at all, but it's good to know what's on the market ;-)
Jan 25 2012 08:00 GMT senna3
Nice collection and find!
Jan 25 2012 10:23 GMT hans55 PRO
nice things ... are these collectables ??
Jan 25 2012 12:15 GMT Steve PRO
I never knew about those! Well well. :-)
Jan 25 2012 14:57 GMT wijnie58
Great collection ....:-))
Jan 25 2012 17:40 GMT Bellavista
nice treasure to spend your time clever
Jan 26 2012 00:08 GMT fhelsing PRO
>> are these collectables ??

In a way they are, since they were made only between 1940 and 1989. When I wanted to purchase a subscription a few months ago, I was sorry to find out that these kits were no longer being made. I know of others who enjoyed these kits as schoolchildren and who wanted to get subscriptions for their own children or other family members.

Fortunately, I was able to buy two used kits and two where the boxes were opened but the pieces were unused.
Jan 27 2012 19:11 GMT charlie26
Interesting entry.