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Alameda County, California
Spring 2010

There's a maze in this meadow!

There are at least four mazes in the Sibley Preserve. This particular one is at the end of a hidden trail near the park entrance. It's easy to walk right by and miss it!

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 17 2010 03:02 GMT verarenm
Very interesting! It seems someone marked.
Apr 17 2010 03:52 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice surprise.
Any idea who created these mazes and why?
Apr 17 2010 04:04 GMT ashdad PRO
Apr 17 2010 04:14 GMT fhelsing PRO
One of the mazes was created by a local artist, Helena Mazzariello. However, the others were created in secret and there's a local community of individuals who value them as being spiritual places.

Here are a couple of links from these folks:

None of the mazes are legal, but no one is calling for their removal. The park service workers leave them alone.

For more of my photos of the Sibley preserve and the mazes, here's my complete series (so far):
Apr 17 2010 05:07 GMT sini
Interesting find!:)
Apr 17 2010 06:54 GMT Tavascarow
Apr 17 2010 07:15 GMT Bellavista
Now I see what is that! Very creative artist!
Modify little the nature and ready is the sculpture!
Apr 17 2010 08:50 GMT pjjking
Is this very old or not,,,,great find
Apr 17 2010 11:33 GMT MargNZ
Great fun and it is nice they are left alone :)
Apr 17 2010 18:35 GMT pinko
..woow :) ..
Apr 17 2010 19:00 GMT fhelsing PRO
(pjjking), this is a modern maze. The park workers aren't sure when it was built, but it was sometime after the 1950s.
Apr 22 2010 21:50 GMT aquiles PRO