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palm palmtree fanpalm california gardenfph


this picture was taken just before the rainy season started
October 11, 2006

I have a baby California fan palm in my garden. I hope that it does well!
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 23 2006 19:45 GMT hallo
beautiful combination
Nov 24 2006 03:05 GMT Maryg
I´ll be hoping it will do well through winter!
Nov 24 2006 04:41 GMT ashdad PRO
Neat! How big do they grow/
Nov 24 2006 18:57 GMT fhelsing PRO
According to Desert USA, the height of a mature California fan palm ranges from 20 to 60 feet (6 to 18 meters), and the trunk diameter can be 2 or 3 feet (.6 to .9 meters).

Here's a nice description: http://www.desertusa.com/magnov97/nov_pap/du_nov_fanpalm.html

Some scientific information and photos:
Nov 26 2006 00:10 GMT Pueo PRO
Hmm maybe I should have sent you a live coconut for your postanut.
Nov 26 2006 03:47 GMT fhelsing PRO
oh no, my soil is terrible! :-)
Nov 26 2006 03:59 GMT wifey
Palms are incredibly hardy and resilient… just give it as much love and attention as you can and watch it grow. :) … keep us updated too!