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Some of the books in our collection: gardening, health, art --- including a biography of artist and illustrator James Madison Alden --- a guide to contemporary literature, home care, and nutrition.

The two books on the right --- "Salvage Man" and "Submarine Stories" --- were written by my father-in-law, John D. Alden, who was an officer in the U.S. Navy.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 04 2011 04:20 GMT jomoud PRO
A wonderful collection Fleur.
I am sure you agree with me that nothing beats holding a "rteal book" in the hands and turning actual pages.
Kindles may be handy, but not as satisfying as a real book.:)
Have a wonderful happy reading weekend my good friend.
Mar 04 2011 04:35 GMT teddybear2
a very interesting mix
Mar 04 2011 05:08 GMT sini
Nice book entry!:)
Mar 04 2011 06:50 GMT Icandoit
A great book entry!

Mar 04 2011 07:26 GMT senna3
Great to have books of your father-in-law in your book collection, fantastic entry!
Mar 04 2011 09:35 GMT superJoan
Like the selection....also on my book shelf is a book written by an uncle about his life from early 1914 through the wars to his death a few years ago...very interesting
Mar 04 2011 15:46 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 04 2011 16:10 GMT iyerhari
great entry and collections!
Mar 04 2011 16:59 GMT Xaragma
Great entry, especially with the family connection...
Mar 04 2011 20:15 GMT Annamaria
Nice entry, Fleur!!
Mar 04 2011 21:34 GMT mandybee
lovely entry, nice mix
Mar 04 2011 21:53 GMT Adamus
Lovely entry.
Mar 04 2011 23:15 GMT verarenm
Great reading here... a beautiful collection.
Mar 05 2011 03:04 GMT potterjo
Nice collection...The natural way to draw is in mine.
Mar 05 2011 03:33 GMT MJGhajar PRO
great entry!
Mar 05 2011 12:47 GMT soldier
The book is man's best friend... really stunning and amazing entry for today’s theme my friend!!!!!!
Mar 06 2011 05:53 GMT Kaska
The way you mix your books on the shelf :) looks a lot like on mine. Many similar books too...
How great to have your father-in-law books to read!
Mar 07 2011 21:59 GMT Adamus
Lovely entry.