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If roses grow in heaven
Lord, please pick a bunch for me
Place them in my loved one’s arms
And tell them ,they are from me…..

My rose and me ;-)))))))))))))))))))

Hi !!!
I am BACK !!!!!!!!!!
Just landed home about an hour back ……….
Feeling very tired ….going to take a nap..
See you later….
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2006 06:58 GMT hbla PRO
beautiful girlie!

welcome back :)
Mar 19 2006 07:06 GMT kraj
Hi welcome back
with a very nice work!!!!
Mar 19 2006 07:08 GMT looby
Welcome back! Is that you?
Mar 19 2006 07:13 GMT Ini
Goodmorning Fey, welcome at home everything well , a beautiful photograph, quietly to: -)

Fine Sunday Fey.
Mar 19 2006 07:14 GMT fey
looby @I was playing with this image of mine and the rose when i was in Colombo and this happened...thought i will post it ..
Mar 19 2006 07:20 GMT looby
So lovely to see you, you are lovely on the outside as well as within.
Mar 19 2006 07:36 GMT hallo
Hope you enjoyed the journey and had a good time!
Mar 19 2006 07:40 GMT Arnika
Welkom back!!!!
Mar 19 2006 07:42 GMT glassica
Welcome back!!! I have missed you! Hope you had a wonderful trip!!!!
Great picture!
Mar 19 2006 08:48 GMT Olympe1961
Welcome back, Fey ! We missed you ! I'm very happy to meet you through this rose : two splendid flowers together ! See you soon, Fey !!! Take care of you !
Mar 19 2006 09:03 GMT Prikthai
EXCELLENT. I see you come back with new power.
Mar 19 2006 10:10 GMT shine
so beautiful rose and background !
Mar 19 2006 10:14 GMT hans55 PRO
WB Fey ... a beautyfull composition !! ... we have missed your comments ... how was your trip ... any good foto's from it ?
Mar 19 2006 10:44 GMT mandybee
welcome back fey : )
Mar 19 2006 10:44 GMT ACL
Welcome back!!!...You really being missed!!....Nice to see your face...looking beautiful!!!
Mar 19 2006 11:23 GMT marijke06
sweet image fey!
Mar 19 2006 11:38 GMT Seth4605
Welcome back Fey, I look forward to see all new photos with the new Canon 350..... I imagine you have a lot of pictures to show us.....:))))
Mar 19 2006 12:03 GMT Kriszti
Hi , Fey!! everyone miss you much :)) Nice portrait !!
Mar 19 2006 12:36 GMT jceca PRO

Mar 19 2006 12:53 GMT tata28
Welcome back fey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
glad ur home now::)i missed you here::)
great combination fey,both are beautiful rose and you!!!!!

looking forward to see your shoots!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 19 2006 13:10 GMT zukica
beautiful fey!!!!
Mar 19 2006 13:12 GMT iyerhari
Beautiful presentation of image with flower.

Welcomeback fey!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 19 2006 13:22 GMT Michael1610
Just looked through your photos - great shots - unable to comment as 'comments' box is full up on most
Mar 19 2006 13:46 GMT latif
Mar 19 2006 14:23 GMT fawn
welcome back Fey!!!!
It 's beautiful image of you!!!
Mar 19 2006 14:40 GMT Mia87

We missed you:)))

This is beautiful composition
Mar 19 2006 15:11 GMT Lalbabu
My comment has already been commented by Iyer.Look forward your photos of SriLanka.
Mar 19 2006 16:39 GMT WL
....now I have seen you...................
....to identify you easier in my thoughts......
....to make me more rich by giving lyric poetry........
....makes no difference if the rose is in the background !!!
Mar 19 2006 17:17 GMT neera
wow great work
cool multiple exposer
how many exposer u can click with 350D?
learn more about ur camera to ARNIKA
she has same one with amzing work
Mar 19 2006 20:40 GMT deanbed
Nice to have you back, missed having you around. great image suits you well. having much luck with the new camera?.
Mar 19 2006 22:39 GMT jll
Very lovely composition and portrait!
Mar 19 2006 22:43 GMT bennystr
Hi Fey, welcome back!
I'm so glad to see you!
Your image is BEAUTIFUL!
Mar 20 2006 00:45 GMT Poulet PRO
Good morning from here!!
Welcome back, fey.
Glad to see you back with this beautiful portrait!! :)))
Mar 20 2006 02:57 GMT Seamus
Welcome back fey! Beautiful photo.
Mar 20 2006 05:59 GMT Kurt
Glad you're back....Thanks for taking time to look at my pictures...I know, you must be very tired after the trip...and you have tons of friends waiting here too..best wishes...
Mar 20 2006 06:53 GMT sayitkarabulut
Rose & Fey.. beautiful portrait
Apr 16 2006 19:59 GMT CAPRI
Apr 24 2006 10:14 GMT Nespolo
nice to see you fey !!!!!

Apr 24 2006 10:44 GMT fey
Thank you Nespo!
Apr 28 2006 20:04 GMT tupuna
; )
Apr 29 2006 08:35 GMT viv71
So sweet, u and rose....double rose :)))...nice to meet u too, Fey :)
Aug 08 2006 19:24 GMT ahmetturker
Wonderful photo.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 17 2006 12:55 GMT hamrahi
Lovely work::::::::::::::::::::::::::welcome back.
Aug 23 2006 14:03 GMT sayitkarabulut
Welcome too
Nov 29 2006 20:58 GMT ROSYART
a beautiful prayer and a wonderful image