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Photo #23

The Fashion Documentary

Been thinking about a lot throughout this week, all the commotion that has been going on here, and this world in General, I need to learn to calm down and think things through, the Boston Bombing really got to me, and also yesterday right here where I live in the state of Texas, their was an explosion North, 4 hours from where I live, a massive explosion at a Fertilizer plant, at least 11-15 people killed and up to 175 people injured, a person was able to capture it on his cell phone, you can clink the link right below to watch this video. Praying that this weekend will go better, smoother and stronger, who knows what's to come within the next few days as we still live on this earth!

Thursday April 18, 2013

Plant Explosion
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 19 2013 08:38 GMT wijnie58
We dont know...!!!
Apr 19 2013 09:25 GMT clintonfolks
no one knows.!!!
Apr 19 2013 13:04 GMT fashionmonster94
Well guys for now what I've heard so far, the bombers have been captured and that is a huge relief on all of us
Apr 19 2013 23:34 GMT twsottawan PRO
Hey lighten up, things have been exploding since the beginning of things here. Try doing a stand up job and think on your feet instead of in a flat line. They always have casualties at a marathon. Most of the runners go over red line. Some don't make dead line. Buck up.
Apr 19 2013 23:36 GMT twsottawan PRO
Imagine if they ran the Beirut marathon or the Baghdad marathon. Boston, they always said it was a piece of calke since the Tea Party there. Guess the course had a few hazards this year.
Apr 20 2013 04:21 GMT fashionmonster94
I know, it's just since March, I've been going through depression, I'm still going through it right now, I honestly don't know why I am depressed, I am going to take counseling again, it's just I am terrified to live in a world like this, when will the days like this ever end, I guess I just have to learn to stick with, because until I hit my 70s or early 80's when I'm dead, I am going to need to learn and how to deal with situation like this, hey I made it pass being physically abuse as a child and other things, guess I can make it through terrorism